Breaking: Registered- Fraser Anning’s Party Registered By AEC


Breaking news- AEC and Anning insiders all confirm that Fraser Anning’s Party, named “Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party” has been registered and will be running run candidates at the federal election.

Queensland senator Fraser Anning will now have the ability to run candidates at the May election for the Senate and House of Representatives.

According to inside sources, they say they are giving the choice back to the people and ignoring the comments thoughts and sway of Canberra elites.

Senator Anning will not run as an independent at the May election. The AEC’s move to removes his status as an independent and infers that “Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party” will appear on ballot papers.

Fraser Anning has supplied us with some quotes which we will reprint without comment:

“This has been a long process but it is a great relief that “Fraser
Anning’s Conservative National Party” is now officially registered.”

“Today my colleagues had their say, now the Australian people can have

In relation to being elected:

“I am going to continue to do and say the things that I believe the silent majority want. However we will see if I’m correct on Election Day, it’s up to the people of Queensland and Australia to decide.”

After contacting a spokesman we got this comment again printed without comment:

“Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party supports traditional values and seeks national renewal by a return to the vision of our Founding Fathers of a cohesive, predominantly European Christian Commonwealth.”

This story is still developing we will update this page as information comes in.

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