BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull caught shamelessly mocking President Trump in Parliament House


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been caught mocking US President Donald Trump in an audio leak from Parliament House’s annual Mid Winter Ball last night. The event was not meant to be covered by journalists, yet Malcolm’s performance has gone viral thanks to one event-goer recording and revealing the shameless act.

This comes as the President celebrates his 71st birthday today.

The Prime Minister, possibly drunk, gaffed in the event by saying “The Donald and I are we are winning and winning in the polls. We are winning so much. We are winning like we have never won before”.

He went on to say “Not the fake polls, not the fake polls. They’re the ones we’re not winning. We’re winning on the real polls, the online polls…they are so easy to win.” The comments were made to a laughing audience who clearly seemed to be under his spell, and were most likely establishment mainstream journalists.

The Prime Minister even mocked the current political distraction created by Trump’s opponents with regards to his alleged links to Russia. Turnbull immaturely stated “I have this Russian guy” as an attempt to refer to this pathetic situation.

The news was first made public by Channel 9 Political Editor Laurie Oakes, who gave an interview in 2GB radio today regarding the foolish incident. Oakes claimed that this sort of performance can be “healthy” for a Prime Minister, but conceded that “he’s gotta think of other things as well”.

Oakes has been receiving backlash from other journalists who are under the impression that he unethically leaked these tapes. He responded to this by saying “the hypocrisy is just astonishing” when considering how these journalists themselves commit similar acts. Also, the tapes themselves were not released by him, and are even available on Instagram, rendering Oakes innocent of any unethical practice.

The real issue is the performance delivered by the Prime Minister to a room full of “the country’s most powerful people”. It’s just as disappointing as his performance in the actual polls, along with his political performance in general.

Malcolm Turnbull obviously did not consider the consequences this act may have in the already sour relationship he has with President Trump. It may even have implications on Australia’s diplomatic relationship with the United States. But just like always, the Prime Minister acted in an irrational and ill-thought out way in favour of appealing to the establishment.

It is ultimately the Australian people who are embarrassed by this disgraceful behaviour. It’s interesting to see that while the establishment labels Trump as reckless, it is the establishment that has sunk low in recent times thanks to their own recklessness. This act is just another piece in this wider jigsaw puzzle.

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