EXCLUSIVE: Director of the Red Pill movie, Cassie Jaye, talks to the Unshackled’s Tom Pirrone


The Unshackled’s Associate Editor, Tom Pirrone, and Editor at Large, Max Luxton, interviewed Cassie Jaye the Director of The Red Pill Movie (2017) while we were at The International Conference on Men’s Issues 2017 held on The Gold Coast. She explains how the Project aired a completely biased segment about her and her movie by reducing a 50 minute interview into a 5 minute segment. They also deleted and intentionally manipulated what she said about those who funded the film, who ranged from men’s rights activists to feminists, in order to further misrepresent an anti-PC film that lays down hard facts. This comes as no surprise to most Australians, who are more than aware of the mainstream media’s bias against right-wing, or simply anti-feminist, views. It is also of no surprise why the Ten Network has hit rock bottom this year with staggering financial losses that have resulted in voluntary administration.

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