Australian Musician Abuses Margaret Court at Her Own Arena

Margaret Court has been one of the left’s most high profile targets this year. This was after her entry into the same sex marriage debate when she stated she would no longer fly Qantas because of its CEO Alan Joyce using the company to promote same sex marriage.

Following this her attendance at a Liberal Party fundraiser in Melbourne in June was picketed by Melbourne’s leftist professional agitators. She was also dumped as patron of her local tennis club in Cottesloe Perth.

The left has also called for the tennis court named in her honour Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne’s entertainment precinct to be renamed because of her views on same sex marriage and homosexuality.

There was a campaign started to have the court renamed Evonne Goolagong Arena after the indigenous tennis player which saw even Google Maps rename it for several hours which Google claimed was a user generated error.

While of course the abuse and intimidation of the left has not affected Court herself both Tennis Australia and Melbourne and Olympic Parks who manage Margaret Court Arena released statements about their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

But they still stated they respected Court’s tennis achievements as she has won more major titles than any other player in the game’s history and did not support a name change. Even Victoria’s progressive Premier Daniel Andrews did not support renaming the arena.

Despite their lack of success in renaming the arena the left has found another way to make sure that Margaret Court’s name is vilified. As Margaret Court Arena is home to many music concerts, musicians performing there have made a special effort to abuse Margaret Court at her own arena during their concerts.

Some musicians have been more respectful than others. Icelandic band Sigur Ros during their concert back in July made a simple statement in support of same sex marriage.

Others have gone on profanity ridden tirades against Court in their concerts. The first to do so was American band LCD Soundsystem who said to Court “you can go fuck yourself”.

The most recent contribution comes from Australian musician Tash Sultana. At her concert at Margaret Court Arena on Thursday she started off by saying “I don’t really have too much of an opinion of someone until I think they’re a dickhead” and told Court “But, mate, get up with the times, fucking hell”.

Sultana also apparently has ground rules for her concerts which she was eager to repeat while performing at Margaret Court Arena “Number one — if you’re homophobic, get the fuck out of my gig. Number two — if you’re racist, get the fuck out of my gig… and number three, if you’re transphobic, get the fuck out of my gig”.

Sultana show was described as drawing a record breaking crowd however it is worth noting the Arena only holds 7,500 people and is the smallest area in the Melbourne Entertainment Precinct. Given her leftist politics it is not surprising that her song Jungle was voted third in the 2016 Triple J Hottest 100 which has just been moved from Australia Day.

It is a shame that rather than respectfully disagreeing these musicians resort to profane personal attacks, but it is what we have come to expect from the cultural left. Let us hope that the management of Margaret Court Arena remain resolute and the court is forever named after the world’s greatest tennis player. Margaret Court like any other person in Australia is allowed to have an opinion on public policy and not be deleted from history.

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