Australian Conservatives: 10 Key Policies They Must Stand For


Senator Cory Bernardi it has been confirmed by numerous sources within the Liberal Party and reported by all major media outlets is set to announce his defection from the Liberal Party to form a new party called Australian Conservatives today. There had been much speculation of months of whether Bernardi would break away but it is clear now his defection will take place.

While many inside the Liberal Party view his defection as a betrayal, ordinary conservative voters including many Liberal Party members will understand why he is taking this course of action. The leftward drift of the Liberal Party in government, its hijacking by special interests and the control the left now has on the party structure has led to a disenfranchisement of many conservative Australians.

Bernardi would not have taken this decision lightly, he has been in the Liberal Party for over 20 years. He has a detailed plan about how to make a new Conservative Party successful, which will be revealed over the coming days and weeks. He has been an outspoken conservative his entire parliamentary career and has built a substantial following among voters during that time. He is not afraid to take on issues for which disagreement with the politically correct line leads to barrage of abuse from the media and cultural elites.

Cory Bernardi will know what issues any new Conservative Party needs to stand for, no matter what criticism is thrown his way. But we thought we would outline 10 key policy areas this new party must stand for if it is to earn the support of conservative voters and the silent majority of Australians.

Pushback Against the LGBT Agenda

The LGBT agenda and its associated policies is arguably issue the left and the media push the hardest, so much political oxygen is sucked up by it. Maybe because the left are so determined to destroy the family, promote alternative lifestyles or further identity politics to divide us. A new conservative party must push back against this agenda, this includes standing firm that marriage is between a man and a woman. Don’t even offer to have a plebiscite, just promise the voters that if elected you will always vote for traditional marriage in parliament. Don’t fund LGBT programs such Safe Schools and their various so called health and community groups which are a front for pushing their agenda.

Defend Life

The Liberal Party has a woeful record on protecting the sanctity of life and has stood by as hundreds of thousands of babies are killed each year through legal abortion. The Liberal Party seems to have it in their head that standing up for life is not electorally viable or maybe they are just afraid of standing up to the feminist lobby. Any conservative party must reverse the current abortion culture and protect the unborn in this country as well as continuing to fight against the constant campaigns to legalize euthanasia.

Reverse all Climate Change Programs

A conservative party must not be afraid to call the climate change theory what it is, a fraud. Only then can the dismantling of the various government climate change mitigation programs begin. These programs drive up energy prices causing many working class and elderly Australians to live in energy poverty and make our business and manufacturing sectors globally uncompetitive. To help restore Australia to being a prosperous country these economic destructive programs to fight an phantom enemy must be ended.

Defund the ABC

In the age of digital media and the internet why is there any need for a government to produce media content that could be produced by the private sector? With barriers to entry and start-up expenses now virtually nil all government funded media does is crowd out the private commercial sector and stifle innovation. The government’s largest media outlet the ABC should be defunded or privatised. If there is any role of government in the media it should be producing high expense content such as drama, film and documentaries and that’s it. The ABC is no longer needed in the modern world and that is not even saying anything about the blatant left wing bias that pervades it.

Repeal 18C and Abolish the Human Rights Commission

Political Correctness is a form of thought control, social reengineering and tyranny. Governments can crush it by removing laws that restrict freedom of speech and dissolving government bodies that advocate restricting free speech. The most egregious restriction we have in Australia is section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act making it illegal to offend somebody based on race. It should not just be reformed but removed from the Act and its enforcer the government funded Australian Human Rights Commission should be abolished.

Limit Immigration from the Muslim World

Donald Trump has shown that governments implementing immigration restrictions from problem parts of the world is now politically achievable. His travel ban from seven countries as well as the suspension of the United States refugee program was key promise from his election campaign. There is no reason why a conservative party cannot take the same policy here. Ban travel and admission of refugees from countries which have a known history of promoting radical Islamism and practice sharia law. The public will support this, the left may rage but they are not representative of the will of the people.

Defund Leftist Arts and Community Groups

One of the worst policies Liberal governments around the country have had year in year out is to fund their enemies. There is no greater enemy than arts and various community groups which spend most of their time either attacking conservatives or lobbying for even bigger government. A conservative party should have the courage to defund these groups, there of course would be initial backlash but eventually without government funds these groups will  fall by the way side and conservatives will find it eventually easier to implement other key policies that are part of their agenda.

Support Firearms Owners

One group of Australians who have been continually ignored and targeted by both sides of politics are firearm owners. Most of them are law abiding upstanding citizens of this country yet our restrictive firearm laws treat them as criminals. Meanwhile the real criminals still have easy access to illegal firearms which leaves most of the citizenry defenceless during a time when violent crime is on the rise. A new conservative party must give firearm owners a voice and be prepared to stand up for one of the most important rights, the right to self-defence.

Reform the Education Curriculum

Numerous polls have shown that most young Australians support left wing parties. Why is this so? It is down to the fact that young people are indoctrinated into left wing social justice ideology their entire lives through the government controlled and funded education system. Left wing teachers and academics have captured the curriculum development process meaning that our young people are constantly preached progressive ideas including an anti-western worldview. Even private schools must teach the government mandated curriculum. A new conservative party should wrestle back control of the education curriculum and return to traditional subject disciplines as well as granting schools more autonomy to develop curriculum in line with parents’ expectations who sent their children to that school.

Reduce the Nanny State

The nanny state in Australia is out of control, excessive taxes on alcohol and tobacco, restrictions on where we can go out at night, telling parents how to raise their children and endless government education campaigns from the public health lobby telling us not to engage in certain vices. Australians have always loved a good time and a conservative party would gain mass support if it promised to roll back the excesses of the nanny state and started treating citizens again as adults capable of making their own life choices.

There are of course other key policies which could be added to the list but these 10 are the most important for any conservative party to address. If Cory Bernardi’s new conservative party adopts these 10 policy positions, then he is guaranteed to get the conservative voting base in Australia behind him which will carry the message to the wider Australian public.

The establishment of a proper conservative party is an exciting and welcome development in Australian politics. There is huge potential for Australian Conservatives to become a major force, we should dare to dream. The election of Donald Trump showed anything is possible, it is not impossible to believe a similar event could happen here and today’s events could be just the beginning.


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