Australian army bans male recruits in new affirmative action push


The Australian army has banned the recruitment of male applicants in a new push for affirmative action in order to have more females within its ranks. The Daily Telegraph has uncovered that only women will be targeted for most new jobs, including those in the front-line.

Out of this week’s 50 job vacancies, 35 are available to women only, which includes front-line positions in the armoured cavalry and a combat engineer role.

Men are also barred from the infantry in rifleman and artilleryman positions, but the new directive tells recruiters to “recruit immediately” if a woman applies for these roles.

This is just the latest example of political correctness gone mad. Instead of choosing recruits based on their skill and talents, the army will choose someone for their gender, for being a woman.

This will unfairly discriminate against men. If a candidate is more suited for a position but happens to be  man, he will be rejected, simply because of their gender. Isn’t this the sort of attitude the left wanted to disassemble?

Affirmative action reigns supreme in the navy too. Out of the 18 jobs in the navy, only one is available for  a man. The airforce combines gender discrimination with race discrimination by only allowing Aboriginal men into any of its seven positions, along with any woman.

The problems this entails to the Australian armed forces’ effectiveness is one issue. It is obvious that choosing people based on their association with an identity group instead of their skill will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the country’s armies, navies, and air forces.

Yet the most important issue here concerns morality. Men are not being chosen simply for being men, and White people are not being chosen simply for being White. This is outrageous, as people should be chosen on merit. It is unfair to reject a man simply for being a man, or a White person simply for being White, yet the Department of Defence is intent on furthering the politically correct left-wing agenda in order to pander to the regressives. The government is yet to explain itself.

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