Anarchist Arrested for Vandalising Captain Cook Statue

police defending cook

An Anarchist activist was arrested yesterday and will face court today after allegedly vandalising the plinth of the Captain Cook statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

The alleged vandal spray painted an Anarchist symbol along with the acronyms FTP (F*ck The Police) and BLM (Black Lives Matter). Fortunately a couple of public minded citizens took issue with this act of vandalism and confronted the extremist, leading to his arrest.

Anarchism is a left wing extremist ideology that rejects all forms of hierarchy. It calls for the violent extra-parliamentary overthrow of all governments, nations, states and religions. Anarchists believe that unprovoked violence against police, public officials and political opponents (up to and including murder) is justified as a form of “self defence”.

In the sick mind of an Anarchist anyone who works for the government, owns a business, or even just opposes them politically is perpetrating an act of violence, so committing unprovoked violence against them first is a legitimate way for the Anarchists to pre-emptively “defend” themselves.

While the blood soaked history of Anarchism is long and disgraceful (ranging from the assassination of kings and presidents to the atrocities and mass murder they committed in the Spanish Civil War) Anarchists today are best recognised as the most ardent foot soldiers of the “Antifa” movement. While the original “Anti Fascist Action” was created by the Stalinists of the German Communist Party their modern grandchildren are best described as an alliance between Marxist and Anarchist activists. The most widely recognised Antifa logo consists of a red flag of Marxism and the black flag of the Anarchists flying in unity side by side. As the recent months of rioting in the U.S have shown left wing extremists are more than comfortable putting their internal differences when the opportunity arises to violently attack innocent citizens and destroy public and private property.

Anarchists in Australia are a small minority, almost laughable in their internal squabbles and complete lack of organisation. But they still hold the same violent extremist ideals as their overseas comrades, which is what makes the promotion of prominent Anarchist activists by major Australian broadcasters so concerning. As the attack on the Captain Cook statue shows these violent nutcases hate Australia, despise Australian history, do not consider themselves to be Australian and want to see Australia abolished. The last thing we need is supposedly respectable Australian media outlets legitimising them.

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