“Allah Akbar!” French Police Station Attacked By Suspected Islamic Militants


Fifteen Muslim youths attacked Val-de-Reuil-Louviers police station (Eure), south of Rouen, while shouting “Allah Akbar”.  The gang of hooded youths launched projectiles, threw cobblestones and hurled obscenities.

The attackers referred to the police officers inside the station as “French f*ckers” while threatening “come out were are going to burn you!”

The attack, which occurred at 2am last Friday lasted for 30 minutes.  After the assault, Police officers were able to collect 115 different projectiles from the area.

A CCTV footage showed that two guards tried to fend off attackers using riot shields, while smoke bombs, pyrotechnic devices and cobblestones were being thrown at them.

The officers responded with tear gas, before reinforcement of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) and the Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) arrived.

An investigation has been launched on the counts of “deliberate damage to public utility property during a riot” and “willful violence against any person holding public authority with weapons”.

The Alliance Police Nationale, a major police union, condemned the incident, labelling it “unheard-of violence”. 

The union claims that many of the police officers were under pressure and were on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. 

Likewise, the union expressed concern about the situation of the police station in Eure.

According to initial reports, the police station does not have enough personnel and resources to prevent or counter such attacks. It was also revealed that the station was attacked last year.

The town hall on Saturday, June 29 denounced the reports as an exaggeration and referred to them as rumors and fake news:

According to a statement from Socialist party Mayor Marc-Antoine Jamet, “The city evoked a limited incident and, unfortunately, it has become commonplace when the heat of the summer leads young people to remain in the street.”

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