Another sign of the insanity and upside world of 2020 is how basic statements of fact and tolerance are deemed hateful and racist.

This began with the It’s Okay to be White slogan hysteria which along with the Okay hand signal began as a troll starting on 4chan to see who would believe that the slogan and the hand signal represented white supremacy. The far-left who now see Nazis everywhere fell for it hook, line and sinker.

It’s Okay to Be White posters that were posted in public places, in the US, UK, Canada and Australia become the subject of police investigations, those who saw such posters in their local area alleged they felt unsafe.

The peak of this hysteria was the US-based far-left anti-nationalist activist group the Anti-Defamation League listed the okay sign on its hate symbol database.

All/White Lives Matter

When Black Lives Matter was founded in 2015 the public was already told not be inclusive of all human life by saying All Lives Matter. 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley was booed for saying All Lives Matter.

In Black Lives Matter’s 2020 more extreme second incarnation stating All Lives Matter was still deemed highly inappropriate. Countless mainstream media op-ed’s appeared alleging that stating All Lives Matter misses the bigger picture.

A man at the Sydney Black Lives Matter rally on Saturday 6th June held up an All Lives Matter sign. He was heckled and grabbed by the Black Lives matter supporters before being dragged away by NSW Police, probably for his own safety.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was the original mover of the It’s Okay to Be White Motion in the Senate in October 2018. The motion failed to pass the Senate though initially, Coalition Senators voted in favour of it. The Coalition later reversed their yes vote on the motion apologizing for it and blaming an administrative error for their Senators accidentally voting for it.

During the last parliamentary sitting fortnight, Pauline Hanson proposed an all lives matter motion in the Senate. Only Hanson and her fellow One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts voted in favour of it with the Coalition, Labor, the Greens and Centre Alliance voting against.

Greens Senators called Hanson’s motion “racist”, Labor Senator Penny Wong claimed the motion would have the consequence of “inciting division” and alleged that the All Lives Matter slogan was used by “white supremacists, [who] have instead adopted the phrase that is used in Senator Hanson’s motion.”

While you should not say All Lives Matter, don’t even think about saying White Lives Matter. A Burnley football fan who flew an aircraft with the slogan ‘White Lives Matter’ over Etihad Stadium during a Manchester City vs Burnley Premier League game has lost his job. Despite this Jake Hepple is unapologetic for flying the banner “I believe that it’s also important to acknowledge that white lives matter too. That’s all we were trying to say.”

It’s clear that the slogan/statement All Lives Matter is the new It’s Okay to Be White. Both are anti-racist but as we have observed from the social justice warriors of late is the only people causing racial division is them.

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