2017 Record Year For Refugee Arrivals In Australia


Latest statistics from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection showed that 24,162 refugees arrived in Australia last year. The number represents Australia’s annual humanitarian program and refugees coming from Syria and Iraq.

It was a record year for number of refugee arrivals; the highest registered since Australia started its dedicated humanitarian migration program. The previous record for refugee arrivals was 22,545 from 1980 to 1981 under the administration of Malcolm Fraser.

Australia’s migration pattern has always been steady since the 1980’s although there were spikes or sudden increases particularly during the Gillard administration in 2012.

The increased number of refugee arrivals was a result of a larger and broader migration program. In 2017, the total number of permanent additions to the Australia totalled 225,941.

Of the 225,941 around 92,000 were already based in Australia and were transitioning from temporary visa arrangements such as student visas, to permanent visas. Another 133,000 were identified as new migrants who planned to live in Australia.

But Australia is not alone. According to figures compiled by the United Nations refugee agency, mass migration across different regions of the world is at record numbers.

The UN refugee agency reports that there are 65.6 million people displaced around the world whether within or outside their country. An estimated 22.5 million are refugees who are moving outside their home country.

Around 84% of displaced refugees are taken in by developing countries. Most of them migrate to nations close to their country of origin. Turkey reportedly accounts for more than 2.7 million refugees. Meanwhile Lebanon and Pakistan have an estimated one million refugees transplanted within their territories.

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