Make Victoria Safe Again: Avi Yemini Leads Protest against Crime in Victoria


Today’s Make Victoria Safe Again rally — a protest which was led by Melbourne based rising right wing figure Avi Yemini, has attracted hundreds of supporters, as Victorians descended on Parliament House in order to voice their disgust at the government’s inaction in response to the state’s crime epidemic. Yemini, who has made a name for himself as a former Israeli Military serviceman who strongly opposes radical Islam, had promoted the rally for months leading up to today’s event.

The protest featured a number of crime victims, who spoke out about their experiences of home invasions and carjacking’s at the hands of violent criminal gangs. Several speakers outlined the traumatic experiences which they had endured, explaining how offenders who had been granted bail for similar previous offences had stolen their property, threatened them with machetes, and in some cases sexually abused their children.

Predictably, the far left attended the rally in order to voice their opposition to Victorian citizens who are opposed to violent crime. Yemini — a proud Jewish man, was accused of being a ‘Nazi’ by the counter protestors, who spent several hours chanting the same monotonous repetitive slogans. Fortunately no violence occurred, as the police ensured that the two sides were kept separate from one another during the event.

The Unshackled was on the ground live for the event — check out our video coverage on Facebook from earlier in the day.

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