The sexual revolution born of the 1960s promised love, diversity and pure bliss. Instead, it gave us AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and many dangerous sexual diseases by the shiploads.

It delivered the epidemic of divorce and damaged children, porn addiction, and many many dead babies. Around 63 million dead babies since the US Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade in 1973.

Free love they said. There is nothing free about it. It is a freedom that has brought misery, death and destruction. Sex has turned into a commodity. The sexual revolutionaries who now are full steam ahead on the gender bender revolution say, “no problem, love is love.” But then they demand society pick up the huge mess.

The Sexual State

The breakdown of the family has brought misery to millions. Fatherless homes are creating enormous harms to society. Base inclinations, self-whims and desires are the rules. Now the revolutionaries are trying to destroy individual differences between the two sexes.

A new sex-ed curriculum in the United Kingdom has been put into classrooms. 240 schools across the country are giving children lessons for touching themselves. This is for six-and-seven-year-olds. By year four, children will consider the rules of when appropriate to be naked or semi-naked and in year five, the kids will move to discussions about erections and wet dreams.

Sex education in California in middle grades teaches and gives full descriptions of sodomy and bondage. We have officially reached the bottom. It is the consequence of sex education in classrooms and schools have no business teaching about sexuality in the classroom.

The revolutionaries think obliterating the privacy and safety of every girl at a school is progressive. Apparently it is a gross human rights abuse if a biological male is not able to get naked in a public changeroom in front of girls and see them naked. Now girls must just shut-up.

Trans activists have no concern whatsoever for feelings and rights of girls at schools. A small handful of gender-confused males outweighs biological females because they prefer to change with girls because it will make them feel like girls, even though they are not.

Coming to a library near you are drag queens. If you object you are a bigot. If you do not want your children to March with half-clad men simulating sex acts on a truck, you are a bigot. Gay men with HIV/AIDS are routinely and falsely portrayed as being victims of discrimination and to the point of saying society itself caused their infection.

The health risks are extremely high, but never do these practices get any media notice. Where all manner of sexual diseases thrive with alarming regularity, the consequences are just passed on to all taxpayers as they get state of the art free sexual health clinics.

Children Corrupted

The sexual revolutionaries do not care for children. They are hell-bent on destroying the well-being and sanity of children. They do not care for children’s welfare, only for their perverted agenda. Children are just pawns. You want proof? Abortion. Babies are killed in the womb then their mothers wear t-shirts saying SHOUT YOUR ABORTION. They say abortion is freedom and so on.

If you travel down from an abortuary and reach your public library where drag queens are on display whilst parents applaud and pass round their small children. Parents applaud and say it is progressive parenting. All part of a diverse loving society, you see.

An instigated planned epidemic of early-onset gender dysphoria. It is a pseudo-scientific name given to children who think they are trapped in the body of the wrong gender.

Self-virtue and promotion and accusing others of bigotry is a daily occurrence. But there lies a deep darkness. Have you ever seen an unhinged leftist or what in the United States is referred to as a liberal? Any sexual perversion to be put in the open is a goal of a great many of them. When they call you a bigot or intolerant,  what they are really saying is, “I am so angry I cannot force my immorality onto you.”

Remember in the 1970s when homosexuals said we just want acceptance and what we do in private is no one else’s business? Now forcing others to partake and celebrate is standard procedure. Your kids will March, or we will target you. You will celebrate with us or you will face a lawsuit. The gender revolutionaries say you will give your kid hormones and treatment or you lose custody.

The modern left and LGBT activists are not warriors for liberty. They wage a modern war of sabotage. What they call oppressive is if you object to them walking down the street half-naked. There were no civil rights black rallies in the United States of men getting naked,  dressing in drag and makeup, having bondage outfits and engaging in debauchery on the streets. They are imposing decayed values on society with a huge list of sexual diseases and saying you are oppressing them if you object.

Seven-year-old children are sexualised in the form of drag queens and beauty pageants for the pleasures of adults. They will not call it pedophilia. Instead, they will use words like love, diversity, and progressive.

The Abortion Holocaust

Take abortion. It has totally corrupted societies. Most people know that abortion is a very ugly and haunting experience. Today’s abortion holocaust deniers are like the Holocaust deniers of World War Two who were aware of the problem but said nothing. Holocaust denial did not start with some neo-Nazis in the 1980s or one or two history revisionists. American and western political leaders downplayed the extent of the Holocaust in World War Two for various reasons. Some were eugenicists. But they ignored, dismissed or understated it. The same is happening today with abortion. They have no regard to how abortion is harming society.

There will never be enough evidence to convince abortion holocaust deniers. Even trucks daily going to pick up remains, the testimony of ex abortionists, clinic workers, courtroom testimony,  or a library full of documents. The denials of the abortion providers and the dictionary of euphemisms are reported in the media so they have succeeded to a large degree in preventing many people from waking up to it. It is simply killing for convenience.  It corrupts society and convenience of others means lives are ended. A child must be forced to bear the consequences of their parent’s choices and we need not be bothered worrying about them or being cruel as we sever them and put them in the waste container.

As a celebration of “choice”, someone is about to exercise their right to choose what happens with your life. You have an appointment at nine am. First thing in the morning you are going to experience firsthand what all the banners of “choice” are about. You are scheduled to have instruments with sharp metal teeth clamped down on your foot, and with a twisting motion, pulled from your body. Then moving to your calfs. If this choice was scheduled for you please call your politicians. This is scheduled for 3,500 children daily in the United States. 

To the left, a woman with a baby in her womb is a man, but the baby in the womb is not a person. All it takes is for a woman to be a man is if she says so. Even though not having any of the physical attributes. A baby despite separate DNA, organs, 4 feet, 2 arms and so on still does not get to be called one. The unborn should just be executed because Mummy and Daddy made a mistake and did not mean to conceive him or her.

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