The Relentless Snapping of the Ankle-Biter, or; Dissection of a Gamma Male.


He’s going to make me famous! 🙄


Ankle-biting Gammas CAN’T STAND that you don’t care what they think of you.

He thinks that sharing screenshots of my comments so he can rally his little army of white knights to leave more rude comments on my public Facebook page is going to hurt or dissuade me? 😂

Tiring of someone’s bullshit and projection and kicking them off my lawn is not running away. It’s a defence of my property, and protection of the commons.

As a sovereign man and patriarch, you must be aware of the tell-tale signs of the Gamma mindset, because if you don’t read every single utterance from a Gamma as deceit (which is what it is), you might be lured into friendship or collaboration with such a female-minded male.

Don’t mistake “female-minded” as disparaging of women. I love the female mind when it is found in a female body. But women are the peacemakers, and men are the conflict seekers, and without these two sides of humanity coexisting in balance, we are all weak.

Women are weak today because they have been given dominance in society; a trait they neither want nor have the nature to handle appropriately. Men are weak today because they have been raised without fathers (Earthly OR Heavenly), and have missed out on the training to embrace conflict that can only come from fathers.

Female-minded men are disgusting to men and women who understand the natural order. They are the Wormtongues, the Boromirs, the Fernand Mondegos, and the Iagos of the manosphere. They are the destroyers of Kingdoms, families, and cultures.

Their only use to us is as examples of the treachery and weakness that has brought the West to its knees, hence my willingness to share this Gamma’s emotional incontinence with you good people. Once the example becomes repetitious, walk away. They will undoubtedly chalk their little virtual girl-slaps up as victories because that’s what Secret Kings do!

UPDATE: My clever and wonderful wife suggested that providing shots and some analysis of the full exchange with this Ankle-Biter might help a few more people to understand the process I go through with them, and the hypocrisy and deceit they display.

Humorously enough, I’ve had four more emails from the Secret King since publishing the article (more of his emotional incontinence) which I’ll share and comment on also, with the hope that the exchange is of maximum use to sovereign men and their supportive pro-Western women in recognising the signs and behaviours of the Gamma.

While I’m loathed to give any more oxygen to this parasite and his ramblings, I am wise enough and have spent enough time in the blissful union of marriage to know that my wife is not someone whose advice I should ever disregard. That’s why I married her.

The post in which Secret King Daniel made his apparent debut on my Facebook page was a promotion of my forthcoming talk show on RationalRise.TV with Noah Revoy (who is a full-time professional life coach, and who helps many men, women, and couples understand and practice honesty, reciprocity, and respect for the natural order of masculinity and femininity) which starts next week and will be called Patriarch Hour.

Naturally, the title of the show is provocative, and even just sharing this opening sequence has proven to be a red flag to hysterical feminazis and Gamma males, particularly on Twitter, where Noah has been receiving hundreds of amusingly hateful ad hominem attacks. But as anyone who knows Noah or me understands, we thrive on such hatred when it comes from feminists of either gender.

On my own humble Facebook page, there has been a significantly smaller response, and while plenty of folks are intrigued or even excited to hear the forthcoming conversation, in typical fashion the femme-trolls have leapt to their own conclusions about our motives, the ideas we plan to explore, and even (bizarrely) our domestic situations and sexual interests!


Nadine decided to ridicule and shame, but it’s understandable based on the axioms she likely holds about men, the West, the Patriarchy, and the proper role of women in politics. Noah engaged in some amusing banter, and to be honest, I take little umbrage with Nadine because it’s just banter.

Enter the white knight on his two-coconut-halves steed!



Note the immediate projection of the Gamma male. He doesn’t understand banter, and this is why he doesn’t understand (or likely have much success with) women. He takes Noah’s jibes as sexual insecurity, and rather than seeking definition on terms like dominance and patriarchy, or addressing the issues in a dialectical fashion, he attempts to ridicule (one of the ‘feminine’ modes of argumentation found in Gossip, Shaming, Rallying, Ridicule, and Moralisation [GSRRM]; that is to say, arguments based on the expression or manipulation of feelings instead of the application of logic, which is considered to be the ‘masculine’ mode.

NOTE: As people like Daniel here, and my wonderful wife demonstrate, either mode can be employed by people of either gender, though generally, they correspond biologically).

He asserts (without any basis) that Noah’s claim of being a coach is somehow fraudulent. The Gamma never does his homework, because he believes himself too clever to enquire; the Secret King knows all. Noah feeds his family with his coaching efforts, and I personally know several of his clients who are very happy with the service he offers. But don’t let the truth get in the way of posturing, Ankle-Biter!

Finally, he asserts that the ideas we will be presenting on Patriarch Hour have no merit and are indefensible, which is obviously a baseless assertion that he cannot back up with any reasonable arguments, especially given that our debut episode doesn’t air until next Tuesday! But again, the Secret King knows all – even the future!

Ridicule only works on the insecure, and when he sees that I am willing to meet him where he stands and RECIPROCATE the ridicule, with much greater effect (because I keep it simple and don’t have to lie or make baseless assertions to do it) he starts to bluster.

Nadine leads the way, and the Gamma can’t resist when a woman starts behaving this way, because he believes it’s his cue to follow her lead, thus demonstrating his prowess as a white knight:


Naturally, with Nadine, it’s just more banter, which she obviously doesn’t take too seriously, but Secret King Daniel MUST step in and suddenly present himself as the reasonable one. No, Daniel, neither Noah nor I believe that Nadine really fantasizes about Noah and what may or may not be happening in his pants. Stating the obvious doesn’t make you a smart boy.

We are meeting ridicule with ridicule, demonstrating how stupid and pointless such rhetorical noise-making is. Where we are met with a dialectical argument, or a genuine question, Noah and I both have the decency (and interest in sharing what we know, and learning in-kind) to engage reciprocally with dialectic.

“The level of hatred toward women here is palpable and disturbing,” he says, employing the classic rhetorical tactic of labelling something that doesn’t exist as palpable (capable of being handled, touched, or felt; tangible), to try and distract everyone else from its non-existence. How is it palpable? Who knows. He’s hoping no-one asks. Credit where it’s due though, I have no doubt whatsoever that he truly is disturbed, as he says. “…you guys aren’t even able to handle a simple disagreement or discussion,” he projects.

Note that this entire thread began as banter, ridicule, mockery, and insult hurling. Suddenly, by the power of Secret King magic, it has become a DISCUSSION! Marvel at the wonder of the Gamma male’s gargantuan capacity for self-deceit.


Nadine returns in fine form, with an attempt to quote Groucho Marx for the sake of humour, but it is an unfortunate misapplication of the famous quote, given that we are indicating pretty clearly that we don’t value or want her company on my Facebook page. The meaningless banter goes on briefly, but by the end of this section of the thread, Nadine has the good sense to let it go.

Women are usually smarter than Gammas like that; they know the difference between banter and a real personal attack. Gamma males, however, seldom share this insight. Every insult, to them, is deeply personally wounding. This is a chief reason why men can’t stand to have them around, and women find them repulsive and creepy.

Witnessing how I effectively embarrassed Nadine by pointing out the incongruity of her quotation with her intent, the Gamma male can’t resist his urge to white knight once more, and by now he is utterly convinced that he is here for legitimate, dialectical debate, and has been from the start, though the discerning reader would by now recognise that this has not been true and there is no evidence of it available anywhere prior. NOTE: I have not excluded any comment from this thread.


Now that he recognises that I am impervious to ridicule and shaming, he attempts to psychologise me, and disingenuously wishes me good luck. He tries to drop the mic, and bids me farewell. But it’s my lawn buddy, and you don’t get the last word. And voila, he’s back! So much for “I’ll be on my way”! The Gamma male is a slave to his emotions, and this is a key feature of the feminist mindset: that whatever one feels is true, right, needs to respected by everyone else, and (“point of personal privilege!”) must be accommodated by the whole world.

Healthy, sane women love a man to be the emotional rock, immovable, and stable because they themselves have less capacity for consistent emotional stability; their hormonal cycles prevent it. Healthy, sane, sovereign men develop their agency to the point where they are strong, stoic, and dependable, and able to deal with crises and chaos, and this is a very attractive quality to healthy and sane women. It drives Feminazis and Gammas insane.

Men like Secret King Daniel, however, embody the instability typically associated with the raging feminist but have no biological excuse. So, like a true Ankle-Biter, he’s at it again, still deluding himself that anything in the above thread has been an “open, informative discussion”. Daniel is unaware at this point that he is about to be of great value to the men and women who are now reading this dissection of his behaviour and gaining valuable knowledge about the Gamma male behavioural pattern.

Ironically, an open and informative discussion is occurring ex post facto, in spite of Daniel’s angry little tirade. Once more, he pretends to wish me the best, while deluding himself that I’m not aware that he’s seething, and plotting my demise… just as soon as he thinks up a take-down argument. Nobody should hold their breath, of course.

As we have seen, Daniel pretends to be interested in a rational discourse and open discussion, but his feminist mindset makes him believe that while everyone should tolerate his lies, projection, ridicule, insult, and otherwise purely rhetorical approach, any reciprocity of these modes of argumentation is an indictment of the respondent, and must not be tolerated!

For contrast, take this respectful disagreement presented by another Facebook reader on the same post, who certainly doesn’t accept the premises of the soundbites in our Patriarch Hour introduction video, but conducts her rebuttal in a genuinely analytical and reasonable manner. As you can see from my response, I am more than happy to respond to any such arguments in good faith. Where Daniel believes he can bait-and-switch on a whim from insult to genuine debate (and he is sorely mistaken), Em here doesn’t need to insult anyone to make her point:


Back to Secret King Daniel, who currently believes he has dealt me the fatal blow. On my lawn, Secret Kings don’t get the last word. I don’t suffer fools too gladly, and though I had no intention at this point of writing a blog article about Daniel, I decided it was time to let him (but mostly everyone else) know what I truly think of him.


Now Daniel thinks he has his opening for the take-down, and the Ankle-Biter tries to jump for the jugular.


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There’s little point in picking apart his tirade here. More of the same projection, bait-and-switch, ad hominem,
and finally, outright hysteria. At this point, I was happy to have the
final word on my Facebook page, by unceremoniously banning him.


The fundamental principle of what makes Western Civilisation great is reciprocity. Feminazis and Globalists have actively campaigned to destroy this governing principle of natural law, and in-so-doing has destroyed the West itself. We are now seeing the fallout in this late-stage decadence and collapse of social trust.

The only solution is for Western men to relearn how to embrace conflict so that they can enforce reciprocity. This is why I bother arguing with Gammas like Daniel, and why I sometimes spend a great deal of my valuable time critiquing their histrionics on my blog.

The Gamma is quite deft at using the feminine modes of argumentation (GSRRM) because in a matriarchal society they work. This is why they go nuts when they start to get the scent that you don’t care what they think of you. They instinctively recognise that this is masculine strength, a trait they don’t share, but desperately desire to be seen as having (because women are attracted to it), and it’s why they must have the last word… and they just keep coming back, even after saying “goodbye” repeatedly.

Do you expect by now that the Secret King gave up his campaign? No. This is where he quickly sought out my (widely available) email address, and decided to continue his battle in a thread of five emails to which I have not, and will not respond, except here on the blog, because it might be of use to my readers who encounter this type of often-infuriating and confounding behaviour. But as we saw before, where even the most disagreeable and snarky woman usually has the good sense to let it go, the male feminist Ankle-Biter knows no such restraint.


The last part of the email is just him quoting his own Facebook comment, which you have read above. You see, he’s worried that I didn’t see that HE had the last word, so he needs to copy/paste it into an email to be sure that the jab lands. It was, after all, his final, FINAL, absolutely last, and winning knock-out punch!

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Then I wrote the first (shorter) version of this article, and he noticed, so he had to let me know.

I expect my Spam folder will be hearing a great deal from Secret King Daniel after this update. I don’t wish him luck, of course. I wish him extreme and total humiliation as many times as it takes for him to learn that his behaviour is deluded, toxic, repulsive to men and women alike, and a perfect example of everything wrong with the modern Western Gamma male.

Only through repeated failure and rejection will these types of men suffer the pain required to reclaim their place as useful members of the hierarchy; preferably doing the shitty menial jobs that they are utterly convinced are beneath the station of a Secret King.

Because it’s so important to him, I’ll let Daniel have the last word. Note, from the first PS email he demonstrates that he is so humourless he doesn’t even understand sarcasm at his expense.


Secret King understands the Tolkien reference, but it’s a shame he’s not familiar with the characters created by Dumas or Shakespeare that I mentioned; they might seriously help him overcome his mental illness.

UPDATE: He also, embarrassingly, had to find me on Twitter and copy/paste his final, final, mega-ultimate, uber-super-duper take-down argument there, because (as I pointed out earlier), the Gamma male CAN’T STAND the idea that you didn’t see what they had to say.

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Well, here you go Dan; I’ve made you famous, kid.


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