After Labor’s loss in this year’s election and seeing the reactions of the ABC and SBS staff, it was obvious that they are both the left’s echo-chambers.

The Liberal Party won in large part because the public is becoming sick of every hard-core looney lefty item, which Bill Shorten would have unleashed on Australia.

The Labor Party

Bill Shorten wanted the heavy hand of the state, which progressives were most excited about. But most citizens were not wanting very high taxes, more red tape, more government oversight over businesses and civil society, running the nation like a union and climate change policies which would cripple a business. Australians simply value freedom.

Labor’s slogans against the big end of town and continual self-loathing and whining about inequality was tiresome. They never explained how perfect equality would be achieved, except by high taxes and going after ‘the big end of town’. Inflamed rhetoric was their tool.

Parents are also wanting to send their children to private schools without having those schools infiltrated by Big Brother progressive overseers. They grow sick of cries of unfairness or of class warfare. Labor’s message was “poor me, everything is unfair”. Standard left fare of victimhood, oppression, blame, inequality and more of the welfare state.

The Greens, who are just a harder-left version of Labor, are most excited about climate change policy. Climate change has everything the left salivates over: massive redistribution of wealth, de-industrialisation, big tax increases, big growth of government, feelings of moral superiority and the eradication of capitalism. Create an egalitarian paradise and enforce equality.

Let us not forget Tanya Plibersek’s speech in parliament equating abortion to medical care and talking about abortion like one is simply removing a tooth. Of course, with a hardline progressive such as her, stating the fact that around 99% of abortions are nothing more than for convenience means you are a bigot, anti-women or a misogynist. She thinks female power, progress and equality require that the unborn be removed.

According to Tanya, women cannot have true empowerment and equality without paying an assassin to kill their offspring. You don’t want a baby interfering with your career, promotion or causing you sleepless nights, so best get rid of it. It is not the time. Maybe next year, once you complete that overseas trip you have always wanted, or another cruise.

Female power rocks! So it is actually Tanya and others like her who are demeaning and insulting to women. A proper feminist says women can achieve anything without having to kill their offspring. You don’t improve yourself by getting rid of the unborn who you think are in your way.

I am sure you will share with your existing children or child the fact that you had an abortion, making make them feel much better about themselves and that you are such a kind person. Lucky they were on the right side of the pleasure calculator. The saying, ‘smile, you survived abortion’ is very true.

The Greens

The Greens are easy to spot. They are the ones who shut down speakers, create safe spaces and trigger warnings. A great many hardcore feminist men-haters vote for them, too. They are the ones who strongly loathe grid girls and models at events because they make them jealous of beauty and all things wholesome.

Do they want these models to be replaced by men-hating feminists shouting patriarchy and misogyny? Or maybe those angry inciters of violence on QandA a few weeks ago?

Angry feminists, you will easily spot at a Greens event. They are the ones who grieve and cry uncontrollably for a mistreated animal but have no sympathy for a butchered child. You show them a butchered child and they will cry hate speech!!

The Greens dislike farmers controlling their own properties and even dislike farmers shooting pests on their farms. The Greens supporters block highways, protest conservative guest speakers at universities (the ones who have guards and have paid for their own security), hate capitalists and are envious of the wealthy.

They detest private schools and are forever freeloaders who want to try to use your wealth to share with others. Their entire self-worth is built around virtue-signalling, while signalling to us deplorable.

The ideal school for the Greens: raised in safe spaces and trigger warnings, anti-capitalist, Marxist, anti-Western, anti-masculinity, big government and welfare celebrated, illiteracy and non-performance accepted, climate catastrophism, automatons marching towards egalitarianism.

Safe Schools, they think, should be mandatory. A parent who says to their five-year-old, you should be proud of who you are as a boy or girl, is just intolerable and there is something pathologically wrong with them.

Books which are somehow sexist or stereotypical should be removed from schools. The libraries should be free of any books which are not in the progressive guidebook. Gender ideology books should be in prime positions and most visible. Wearing school uniforms is discrimination and is gender stereotyping.

When I explain this progressive lunacy in travels around Asia, people are flabbergasted. This is what happens when the left controls education and the institutions.

The Greens think freedom means egalitarianism, forced equality and quotas, constant race-baiting and self-loathing, destruction of business and capitalism.

A standard Greens meeting is a scene straight out of a gender studies tutorial at a university with the self-entitled, angry and spoilt working out how to transform society based on the welfare state.

Tolerance, equality, diversity, economic justice, Safe Schools saves lives, sensitivity, and Marxism 101. Of course, do not forget people are able to make up facts about themselves. If they wish to identify as any gender or any identity, that is fine.

The Greens love to be pain-free, free-speech-free and offence-free. They expect everyone else to bear the cost of their progressive utopia, including confiscation of your wealth. The progressives want to install every conceivable welfare program to make otherwise free-thinking people into dependent automatons. They hide their radical intentions and destructive aims through faux compassion.

Their continual race-baiting and re-writing of history whips up anger in Aboriginal people and other minorities. The left will not tell you it is its policies which keep them down and keep them subservient. They make out they are saviours of Aboriginal people. Tolerance for the progressives means conforming.

These socially acceptable beliefs are adjusted and changed regularly, depending on what new politically correct or sensitive position they think up. This means more government and institutional coercion for us lesser beings.

Dinesh D’Souza, author and speaker in the United States, says that the progressive movement is a huge criminal enterprise. They have an unfair society as their sales pitch. The progressives inundate people with saturated stories of unfairness, oppression, sexism, victimisation and greedy capitalists.

They are also busy race-baiting. The ABC, we know, loves race-baiting. The progressives preach tolerance whilst demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings. They shut down others with whom they disagree.

Sarah Hanson-Young (yes, what is the point of Sarah Hanson-Young?) jumps on aeroplanes more than some pilots do. Of course, having a high carbon footprint is only a problem if conservatives do it.

Richard Di Natale preaches invasion day on January 26, says sovereignty was never ceded and other things, but lives a life of luxury on a big country property. I am sure he is keen to hand it over. He never explains which tribe or tribes the lands will be reverted back to, when we give the lands back. He propagates his ideas to inflame the envy of others and uses Aboriginals as props. It is obvious you cannot placate these progressives.

They are stealth jihadists who want everyone to be equally miserable and envious. They support social positions that are harmful to human dignity, promote dependence and welfare, where government control and coercion take priority.

Socialists, Antifa and the Rest of the Left

The cult of Greta Thunberg is great for the left. It is everything the socialists salivate over. They froathe at the mouth when Greta explicitly talks of a great coming fire that will punish us all for building wealth. The Greens love pumping up children with fear and teaching them they are on the cusp of doom. It is a huge political tool.

Contempt for civilisation, industry and business is standard talk for self-loathing 21st century elites. Heavy state power to bring down the achievers will not end well. Antifa activists wear masks in public so their parents will not kick them out of their basements when their faces are revealed.

They like to go after the weakest, the elderly and ordinary citizens just going about their business. They are individuals who have failed to grow up emotionally and live in a perpetual infantile state. They use false terminology to hide their true agenda.

Their manifesto is confiscation of wealth, socialisation of industries, removal of any conservative viewpoints, destruction of free speech, control of civil society (clubs, associations, churches) and removal of any religious symbols in public. It is fascist to the core.

They want revenge on the world for their own failure and lack of achievement. The only thing they are ‘pro’ is state power—the power to bring down the achievers who stand as a reproach, a painful contrast to their own inner bitter emptiness.

Most of them are still at home in their late 20s and stewing over their lack of success. Many have all the fake degrees you could ever think up and those degrees are as useful as a fish out of water. Because having an arts degree in 21st century sexuality and gender is what it takes.

They wish to make people poor, because how dare people make something of themselves? They have simply not emotionally matured. Little do they realise that capital is mobile and also the fact that, after bringing down everyone, there will be no big piggy bank to raid when they finally reach their socialist paradise. It will simply not be there. There will not be anything for them. I suspect they will run back to their safe spaces to cry.

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