Local LGBT activists insist that their health and social problems stem from a homophobic society. This environment is labelled as hostile and horrific. A victim stance is propagated to anyone who defines themselves as LGBT.

They believe the world is their foe and have gathered organisations,  government and corporations to their cause. Any hostile and hateful elements must be weeded out and extinguished. The duty is to recruit more allies to the cause in the road to salvation.

A deep need for attention and seeking society to affirm and celebrate their lifestyles is a regular ongoing mission. A deep mistrust of society has been generated within the LGBT community.

The term homophobia in a western context is simply a purely social construct and is a projection of their hatred and disgust for the rest of society. It is a hunt for grievances and to punish dissenters to their agenda. The term is simply used to label and stigmatize others and used as a deadly weapon to persecute dissident thought. Homophobia is also a big business model.

The problems of homosexuals will only be remedied, they believe, when society, governments and corporations all fully put their stamp of approval on homosexuality. Minority stress is, in fact, a gimmick. It is a result of their creative imaginations and their self-pity.

No amount of social acceptance will fix them. Why? Look at Canada, Sweden, England, The Netherlands,  Sweden,  Denmark, San Francisco, New York, Belgium and others. All of these places gays have huge disproportionate rates of diseases, mental health problems and substance abuse. There is no difference in the health status of homosexuals in affirming societies and those with less acceptance and legal protections

Deploying victim politics is a favourite weapon of homosexuals. They will use the suicide king card when you bring up the above facts up and statistics that do not fit the image they want to paint. Using children as shields to avoid criticism is also a favourite tactic.

Homosexuality is not a civil rights issue. In order to be a civil right it must be inherited, immutable and innate. Homosexuality meets none of these criteria. A gay gene has never been discovered nor proven.

An enormous amount of government money is spent on the treatment and prevention of primarily homosexual diseases. They roll out propaganda about how picket fence they are nowadays and get outraged if you bring such facts up. Diseases are even given a positive spin by some such as the words diversity. Homosexual politics is also big business which requires massive money to clean up the mess. 

Homosexuals are not oppressed in western nations. In the United States, there are dozens of days and even a whole month dedicated to the gay rights movement. Corporations compete for wokeness and have diversity quotas and gay-friendly adverts on television. Hollywood and entertainment programs now always have a gay character.

There is nothing worse than a person to break ranks with the homosexual rights movement. It is a similar story with those who break ranks with the feminist movement.

We see how nice tolerance is when they say love is love and equality one minute but the next day all the bigots should die or be hate f***ed to get their homophobia out of them as Benjamin Law said about politicians who supported traditional marriage during the 2017 Marriage Law Postal Survey.

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