Beneath all the left’s virtue lies a passionate love of bullying. The use of society’s institutions to shut people up has been most effective.

Universities contain the best example of bullies. Conservatives have been expunged. You only have to look at any reading lists of subjects within the humanities or social sciences, which are all left.

Public schools in Australia are totally captured by the left and private ones are increasingly as well. The Australian curriculum stresses leftist activism. It teaches one worldview of egalitarianism, equality, a just world and a sustainable future. The only viewpoints and values in the curriculum are leftist views; in particular, anti-capitalism. 

Never mind the fact that two billion people have been lifted out of poverty since 1990. Climate catastrophism is mandatory. Same-sex couples or any other sexual tastes are praised as equal to heterosexual couples, which produce children who have a mother and a father. All of these left-wing thoughts apparently pass the critical-thinking test.


The left, in fact, does not care about children. If it did, they would teach self-reliance and venture capitalism. If you are a child who believes in free markets and less government reliance, you are disposable. When the left says it cares about children, the biggest key truth is omitted: the left cares for children who are vessels for the left’s agenda. Any child who does not is worthless, just as the unborn are worthless to the left. Simply disposable. 

Self-centered individualism, self-justification, the identity of about 100 different genders, all lifestyles being equal, any feeling elevated to the status of a ‘right’, and if children do not support them, they are banished. The left is perfectly happy for children to be experiments in social engineering and for the next phase of Marxism. Yes, it will be different this time.


The universities worship big government.  They adore the big institutions and social welfare programs. Does not matter if they have been utmost failures.

The left actually thinks you are a bully if you do not want more government encroachment on every aspect of your life. Welfare is worshipped, moral-relativism and anti-Christianity is rife. The left believes the rich do not deserve their money and want confiscatory policies. Some believe in the eradication of private property. They hate capitalism with a vengeance. 


Individual self-perception trumps objective reality. If a fully biological man says he is a woman, all of society must confirm and acknowledge him as a woman. This is all the rage in Canada, where they have compelled-speech laws. All of society is expected to flout reality. Feelings matter most to people. All values are equal, you see, self-gratification and self-identify rule.

The left pushes its ideals through the institutions, pop-culture, Hollywood and the dominant left media. Tolerance is their favorite buzz word. Tolerance, however, only applies to them. We are to tolerate every new gender they come up with and adopt it as normal, to the point of allowing schools to push it on children.

There is no way to calculate the immense social decay of the past fifty years. Yet the left loves to keep pushing that rubber downhill. The left wants social justice that neglects duties and responsibilities and in the meantime destroys aspirations and incentives. They espouse a doctrine of tolerance, but when you say duty or responsibility, they go nuts.

Feminists rage at pro-life women and call them traitors to female emancipation and freedom. They spew anger at women who cherish motherhood and who disagree with killing their offspring. They call killing their offspring “freedom”. Many of them spewing venom are those who have abandoned their children, are divorced or are into the hookup culture.

Society is strongly bettered by strong heterosexual marriages, because a man and woman can exclusively create a child. No other relationship can. But the left invented a new word for that: heterosexism, which is taught in all Victorian schools. It doesn’t matter to the left, of course, because moral relativism is the new great standard. Synthetic kids. Why not? It is my right! How bigoted of you!!

The left thinks: institutions, programs, more and more welfare, entitlements, killing your offspring is the right thing to do because the self is most important, victimhood, identity politics and more. Sex and drugs have replaced building for the future. Abortion and a huge welfare state have replaced consequences. It is much easier selling entitlement, social welfare and freedom from responsibility.

When stigma left single motherhood, society felt the sting through delinquency and juvenile crime. When parents abandon their children, society feels the sting. When stigma left sexual licentiousness, dead babies and sexually transmitted diseases resulted. Since the 1960s, we have seen an explosion of divorce, abortions, children abandoned, sexually transmitted diseases and drug use.

The nuclear family is near destruction. The left flaunts these choices. Selfish impulses, lewd behavior and sacrificing kids to abortion, it hails as progress. The public school system is a cesspool of debauchery. There are no restraints by the left. They worship the self.

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