The situation in Australian public schools is dire. It is the same throughout the West. Let us not beat around the bush-the left have declared war on Australian children. They are only interested in children who carry their water. Not as independent free-thinking entrepreneurs and self-reliant, but as automatons to the elite cabal of planners.

If they actually cared about children they may want to try something different instead of sprouting and calling for more of the same which has failed millions of children over many years.

There is no longer a culture that rewards excellence, merit, nor promotes and works towards self-reliance. Funding is not the issue. Since 2005 funding for education has more than doubled. If funding was the remedy for education Australia would be top of the charts year in, year out.

New reforms such as Gonski are implemented yearly as the latest magic bullet they say will fix things. Then rinse and repeat. Many teachers have minimal literacy and numeracy skills with education degree entry requirements among the lowest

The left blame uneven funding, money going to private schools (they forget to educate a single child in a public school costs $14,700 approximately and private schools take away some financial pressure off governments),  poverty, capitalists and the greedy, large class sizes, lack of teacher remuneration and other reasons.

State schooling gets its fees from compulsory taxation. Parental input is irrelevant. Your say does not matter.  Consumers have no choice in public education and supply and demand do not apply. It simply cannot. 

Educators are compelled to teach what the Australian Education Union education bureaucrats decide. Public schools are owned, paid for and operated by the government. Non-parents are forced to pay for them and parents forced to pay for teachers ideas and materials they object to.

A monopoly on education is the worst kind. It is streamlined education divorced from supply, demand and the market. It also creates children filled with the left’s thoughts and prepares them to fight on their battlefronts.

Public schools saturate the classrooms with propaganda that teaches students we live an unfair society built oppression, sexism, heterosexism,  greedy capitalists, global warming armageddon, egalitarianism, and socialism.

Don’t forget the favorite of the left-deconstructing the sexes and trying to remove male and female as two separate categories. Another great thought bubble by Marxist academics. The left is primarily responsible for the disastrous state of education in Australia. It is impossible to placate them.

We don’t live in meritocracy with hard work rewarded according to the cultural Marxist theory. If someone is the favored victim group you can’t expect them to do the work. We need government to provide everything to the disadvantaged and then the next generation will have a pain free, effort-free, offense-free future.

Australian classrooms are some of the most unruly in the world. Class disruption is the norm. 1 in 6 children has a behavior disorder diagnosis. Many have a ready-made excuse for non-performance or for not doing simple tasks.

If you are one of the preferred minorities you can go to a university of your choice. Every dotting parent expects their child or children to go to a university. Children who have been brought up on victimhood politics where everyone gets a prize.

Today’s children grow up where any sexual freedom is encouraged and at whatever age, Western civilization is degraded, virtue is ridiculed and illiteracy is accepted. Tolerance and diversity simply means anything goes. It means conforming to whatever social ills the left has told us is valid.

The state school system is largely now about protection from difficulties and political activism. It is fighting for ordinances and laws advancing the rights of victim groups. Children are expected to become social justice and climate warriors. Students are reduced from independent actors to pawns and slaves just as the left intends it to be.

Public education wants standardized thought and groupthink. It is designed to crush dissent, and the only views offered are left/green advocacy views. It is political education first and foremost.  Capitalist skills like banking, maths, self-reliance, endeavor, thrift, and competition are erased.

School resource sites are filled with views from extremist Green lobbyists,  Greenpeace, the ABC, and the Clean Energy Council.  Feminist writings are a strong feature also. After immersing yourself as I have for what passes as the curriculum you get an idea of why kids are underperforming on basics like reading, maths, and writing.

Lessons on gender-fluidity, heterosexism, catastrophic climate change or the mythical stolen generations apparently ticks the boxes for critical thinking and performance. Get a boy to play with dolls and a girl to play with trucks and you get the box ticked for an enlightened rich educational lesson.

Kids are now drafted by teachers as activists for various social causes masquerading as sustainability, equality,  tolerance and a host of other buzzwords. Most of it falls under the empty vessel and their favorite word-progressivism.

The dumbing down of teachers has been a huge success and now they pass on their learned ideologies from their Marxist professors at universities. They come out of universities less knowledgeable than when they went in. Less time is spent on actual education than getting to and from school. The rest is PC joyless claptrap by teachers who are little more than government teams mandating leftist social and cultural policies.


After graduating from schooling, the students are told to attend university. Of course, if you are from a preferred minority universities are introducing quotas to help you fulfill diversity.

Many universities now have safe spaces, to protect students from, well, triggering and confronting ideas. Then if that does not work, Antifa will help you. Simply say you are a victim. The students claim to be unsafe if ideas which they do not agree are expressed. Anyone can claim the status and benefits of victim status.

Private Alternatives

Private schools have not gotten so rotten as state schools yet, but many have. Homeschooling is now becoming a realistic option and continues to grow in popularity. Many parents are realizing that public education renders parents judgment irrelevant and increasingly private schools as well.

Increasingly we see the left believe that the state is the guardian of the children and they are busy usurping parental rights. This has been their goal for a long time. Hard secularists and leftists will attack private schools and redefine tolerance. It will mean those schools cannot employ those with the same values and beliefs. They will attack parental freedoms and rights, religious beliefs and people’s conscience. It is all for tolerance you see.

Private schools will continue to get encroached by the state and activists as long as they are a receiver of government funds. The left wages a war on the proposal of charter schools because they think it will take money out of public education.

They see the state and bigger government as a benign good and do not trust the market and supply and demand to do the job. They know public education continually fails but they have no interest in raising standards for children.

It is time to get your children out of state schools and consider private, charter or home alternatives State education is another giant fail by the left to add to their list.

This list includes social welfare, Aboriginal affairs, the near-death of universities as places of learning, the self-identification movement, feminism, no responsibility, feelings instead of facts, victim and grievance industries, declining birth rates in the West, safe spaces and trigger warnings at universities, hordes of social justice warriors with useless degrees, Antifa, fake-hate crimes, compelled speech laws,  banning of ideas,  the woke nightmare, and the love of big government by millennials and more.

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