The opportunistic left has once more been quick to capitalise on another tragic death in pursuit of the modern agenda to degrade masculinity – Writes Jacob Long.

It was little over a week ago that the body of twenty-two year old Eurydice Dixon was found in Prince’s Park after being raped and murdered by the nineteen year old Jaymes Todd during her night-time journey home through the Carlton soccer field. The senseless murder was met with collective sorrow as people united in mourning and anger that such a heinous crime had been inflicted upon an innocent young lady. The initial grief was rightfully apolitical, bringing together people from all walks of life through common human sympathy.

However, as a prominent young comedian who spoke fervently on women’s issues, Dixon’s death was inevitably politicised. Over the last week, the murder has fuelled public outrage and reignited the discussion of violence against women, giving new impetus to Australian firebrand feminists. The sanguine idealism of the left has been quick to rear its ugly head once more and hijack the tragedy, adopting Dixon as a martyr for the feminist cause and subsequently calling upon men to change their ways – an interesting generalisation made by the same folk who passionately oppose racial and religious generalisations. It wasn’t long before the hackneyed old concept of “toxic masculinity” was identified as the culprit.

In an effort to prevent future attacks, the Victorian Police hastily delivered a pragmatic statement following Dixon’s death, in which women were urged to maintain situational awareness while walking alone, reiterating that the police force serves to provide such advice. However, the statement was met with an unforeseen social media deluge, in which online feminists inexplicably conflated safety advice and “victim blaming”. Thankfully, Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Cap, provided an insightful interpretation of the police statement, assuring citizens that the police meant well in advising them as to how to avoid being raped and killed: “I think the police are coming from a caring place in terms of a desire to make people safe”, she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

It should become quite apparent to the reasonable man that Australia has reached an advanced stage of leftist lunacy when police-advised safety precautions are misconstrued as some form of “victim blaming”. The fact that the intent of the police in providing safety advice has to be clarified on live radio as to protect, rather than to blame, is itself a reliable indicator of social decay.

As if the bizarre concept of ‘victim blaming’ wasn’t confusing enough, a number of public figures have fronted up to the issue of violence against women, stating vaguely that ‘men need to change’, and declaring that women should be able to walk anywhere safely… how constructive.

Popular journalist, Lisa Wilkinson, was sure to offer her own shallow analysis, claiming, “The best way to prevent this crime and keep all women safe isn’t by changing the behaviour of women, but changing the behaviour of men… Instead of telling our girls not to walk through parks, maybe we should be telling our boys not to rape them.”

As expected of a mainstream journalist, the emotive Swiss cheese of a statement was littered with logical holes and inconsistencies. Which men must change? Should the masculine man who already upholds the traditional values of chivalry and respect change his ways? Because if the average Australian man had seen Dixon walking through Princes Park alone, I’d bet my bottom dollar that he’d have kept a close eye on her and intervened when time came.

And do we not already tell our boys not to rape? The rule of legal consent is rigorously ingrained in the minds of teenage boys through sexual education talks in high school. By the time any young man is actually physically capable of committing such an offence, he already has some rudimentary understanding of criminal law, and that it is illegal to commit a sexual assault. Of course, many men still may struggle with the idea of consent despite relentless education, but a rapist’s self-justification stems from a web of deep psychological roots about which I am not qualified to speak.

I can only hope that Wilkinson’s remarks referred to changing the behaviour of those men who are inclined to commit assaults. I would love to take Wilkinson’s suggestions as they were on face value: as transparent and blatantly obvious as stating that the ‘sky is blue’, but I cannot help but feel as though some degree of anger and responsibility over the incident is being deferred onto the broader male populace.

In a statement slightly more brazen than Wilkinson’s, infamous demagogue and Victorian premier Daniel Andrews was sure not to miss out on his slice of the popularity pie either.  In a highly irresponsible status posted to Facebook, Andrews stated: “…So our message to Victorian women is this: stay home. Or don’t. Go out with your friends at night. Or don’t. Go about your day exactly as you intend, on your terms. Because women don’t need to change their behaviour. Men do…”.

It would certainly be ideal if women were able to make such choices in the absence of worry, but until the rapist question is answered, the reality is that they simply cannot do so safely. The violent attacker is a palpable threat, which all women ought to have in their consideration when making certain decisions. This is our current reality. Furthermore, for a community leader of Andrews’ status to suggest that women should simply go about their days as if the prospect of attack is non-existent is disgustingly myopic and EXTREMELY irresponsible. Such advice would only serve to endanger women. In virtue-signalling and touting his feminist fantasy, Andrews may have, as a matter of oversight, jeopardised the safety of Victorian women.

The plain-faced truth is that the average woman never has, and likely never will be completely safe to walk alone at night. But to attribute such vulnerability to masculinity is nonsensical. It seems apparent beyond doubt that the unfortunate murder of Eurydice Dixon has been hijacked by those on the left who don’t seek to devise a solution, but rather seek to enfeeble the traditional man. And for those to whom it may seem far-fetched, the renowned musician Madonna herself stated; “Straight men need to be emasculated. I’m sorry, they all need to be slapped around… every straight guy should have a man’s tongue in his mouth at least once”. Of course, such lunacy is appalling and rejected by most, but it is certainly a cry of the canary in a coal mine as to what the future may hold for traditional men. We are under a social siege.

In the common interest of all political convictions however, mitigating and preventative measures must be introduced to end sexual violence against women. In this regard, the left offers no dialectical ingenuity. The cultural terrorism that they propagate is no solution to violence against women. What is proposed by the feminist left is a deleterious paradigm shift: one that would see the abolishment of masculinity as we know it. We must speak with clear minds: delusion and short-sighted idealism have no place in a discussion involving female welfare.

The true solution is to uplift those men mired in gender-guilt, to once more extol the virtues of the masculine man and rid ourselves of toxic misandry: a blight on the male condition. It is masculine to be chivalrous. It is masculine to nurture women. And it is utmost manly to come to a woman’s defence. In alignment with society’s affinity with femininity, young men must once more have basic courtesies instilled in them – standing for women, opening doors and offering to carry their belongings. It is these fundamental manners that will give rise to the greater cultural shift which Australia is currently fussing over.

A discussion of capital punishment, or at least harsher sentencing for such offenders may help – to castrate or castigate, rather than emasculate. However, some may still contend that no judicial deterrents act effectively. Perhaps then, a change to Australia’s current gun laws to grant citizens the right to self-defence may curb rape and murder rates.

For now however, we must settle with the unfortunate reality that women remain vulnerable and should continue to employ suitable safety precautions. Police advice intends not to abrogate responsibility, but to ensure that women engage in safe practices until a long-term mitigation is put in place. Until the left’s attack on masculinity is stopped and the media’s smoke screen of emotion subsides, it may be wise to jog with one headphone in, text your location to a friend, or keep a trusted man by your side. Because only when people begin to recognise and accept the gift of manliness, can we close the fissure between women and men and discover together that masculinity is not the problem. It is the solution.


Jacob Long

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