Feminists say they oppose racism and sexism, while at the same time harbouring contempt for males, especially white ones. Males are seen as an inferior type of human who should keep their mouths shut and know their place.

The sisterhood of feminism is one giant pit of nasty people. They have relentlessly lobbied for many years for special preferences, benefits, and privileges. Many have comfortable jobs in academic training for the next generation. They teach gender studies, women’s studies and the arts. Not very productive things,  but universities stopped being productive a long time ago.

The feminists are found at the ABC, especially on its Q&A program where they push socialism as if it were a success everywhere and telling us all about the evils of the patriarchy. Now, I want to know how one gets labelled as being in the patriarchy? How can one join such a movement?

The feminists say diversity but push for quotas. Inclusion, tolerance, and diversity. Except if you are a male of course. Then you are the oppressor and a card-carrying member of the patriarchy.

It is a great challenge to find a feminist who can enjoy films, literature and the arts without being triggered and dissecting and analyzing it for gender inequalities, diversity, sexism, stereotypes, toxic masculinity, and oppression.

The movie is not diverse enough they scream. The movie shows too many, men controlling women. Is the movie promoting gender-fluids? Those books at the library are so sexist! How dare our daughters play with pink barbies and dolls! You must destroy any stereotypes and get them to play with trucks, boats, ships, cars, and aeroplanes. 

You must remove all books that resemble oppression and inequality. The pro-lifers must always be portrayed as men controlling women’s bodies and abortion must be seen as all positive.  How dare men tell us what to do with our bodies! Well, before hatred used to be based on skin color. Now it is based on location, size and dependency.

To the feminists, if not enough reach the top it is a conspiracy by men.
Feminists are some of the worst humanity has to offer. Gloating about abortions for starters through the shout your abortion campaign.

Just like their hyper-left comrades feminists are there to: punish your enemies, find more victims, prey on the weaker to make them shift blame and attackmen. New categories of pretend relevance are invented yearly to add to things like toxic masculinity and the patriarchy.

Feminists are good at calling natural talent like physical prowess, higher intellect and risk-taking to create wealth as oppressive. Masculinity is frowned upon and any battle play in the playground must be eradicated.

A male who wants to nurture, protect and love his wife is called a patriarchal zealot.  Weak and effeminate males are the ideal standard. A young male must never play with nerf guns and heaven forbid a handgun.

Feminists often are dismayed and greatly upset when young girls play with pink or purple things. It is most stressful for them. Don’t laugh, folks. An entire industry has been created out of this. We have the annual No Gender December to stop the sale of gendered toys.

Your children get to learn heterosexism at schools through programs such as Respectful Relationships and the erosion of the sexes as two complementary genders is the goal.

Only crazy people become loving wives and stay at home mothers according to some feminists. Just look at the vitriol aimed at tradwives. One in Brisbane who posted about her daily family routine was mocked by our mainstream media.

Now that the left has also gone full scare tactics on the youth with the upcoming climate change apocalypse, young women will have children less.

Last week’s Q&A program featured a woman who feels she cannot bring children into the world because of her university studies on environmental and climate science.

Pregnancy is a tool to control women they claim. And their mistakes of laying down with a man with consensual sex, well-just go down to your local abortuary and the inconvenience fixed.

Then if it happens again after too much fun between the sheets-another visit to the abortuary. If you hate men you can still have a baby though. Or if you do not want to lay with a man and have a baby you can. Ask Penny Wong.

Feminism when you delve into it deeper and discover the truth it is a story of tragedy and misery. Once you strip away the buzz words you see that it destroys women, families and communities. Feminism is not good for you or anyone else. They are unrelenting on their useless theories and pushing for governments to adopt their agendas.

They talk continually of the gender pay gap, even though it is acknowledged women are paid the same as men for the same work.  It is not about equality but about women and children being able to survive totally independently of men.

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