According to the current regressive street mobs respecting your nation, your flag, and history makes you a racist. Saying you take pride in protecting your wife and children and you are the protector of the home makes you a misogynist.  To criticize anyone from a favored victim group makes you a bigot and racist. Saying you want strong borders and national sovereignty makes you a xenophobic bigot. Saying all lives matter makes you racist. To fly the Australian flag makes you a white supremacist.  To adopt a black child now makes you racist to some leftists. To say women get pregnant makes you a bigot and transphobic.

Is there any end to this madness? Sadly not. Your children no longer belong to you, they belong to the state. We now have drag queens reading to kids, boys encourged to wear dresses and children learning about all manner of sexual tastes and preferences as the norm and don’t you dare say anything about it. Your kids belong to activists, not parents. Your children belong to the state. 

Increasingly people are not judged on the content of their character, but by which identity or intersectional group they belong to. If you belong to one of the oppressor groups you cannot speak. If you are white what you have achieved has been gained from white supremacy, bigotry and oppressing others. It is not yours and it was gained illegitimately. If you support conservative values you are a plague and dangerous. You are a weed that must be pulled out. 

Conservatives have caved in to the radical for too long for decades. They took over the culture and the institutions which is why we are in the predicament we are in today.

It is time to retake our culture. The left’s hatred of families is palpable. Make your families strong. Be a good father or mother. Give children the right to a mother and father. Children should be taught the value of hard work and resilience, not taught Marxist theories. Sending children into the arms of Marxists, race hustlers and haters of Western/Judeo culture is child abuse.

Teach boys and girls how to use a gun. When the foreign army invades people are going to need to know how to use a gun. The left is even offended by Nerf Guns and we have a whole generation of boys and girls who do not know how to operate guns.

State worship and running a society on feelings is why Australia is such a big mess. The cult of statism, big government and entitlement will never make a strong nation. When a foreign army comes in they will simply flick us off and we will wonder what happened.

Teach children strength and stamina. Teach boys to protect girls, teach them wealth building and entrepreneurship. Do not teach victimhood. Victimhood as virtue will be the death of any nation. Teach kids how toxic ideas of feminism are and show them the man-hating examples on the ABC.

Teach them how the left has destroyed countless nations over the course of modern history all with the disastrous cultural results such as the death millions. Teach the plague of social welfare and how in the USA, tens of trillions has been spent on social welfare simply making people poorer and stuck on welfare.

Teach them responsibility and do not give teach them to use the excuse of grievance and give the blame industries more air. We are at the point where 45% of a nation support the other 55%.

The radical left are not the defenders of minorities, the middle class and the poor. Their policies have destroyed all three. At schools, if the teachers are teaching white-guilt,  catastrophic climate change, gender theory or toxic masculinity, you as a parent tell them to concentrate on mathematics, science, English, geography and so on. Asia is concentrating on maths and science which is why they are propelling fast. We raise victims and entitled children confused about what gender they are. 

Progressivism and social justice are poison. Social justice is an impossibility and goes against individual identity, desires, strengths, motivation, and leads to the destruction of personal liberty.

The goal of the left is total equality, this means diversity quotas,  loss of merit, redistribution of income and envy. The social justice warriors act in self-interest. Against YOUR interests based on their envy and resentment. Their goal is total equality which means heavy top-down government action leading to tyranny.

Equality before the law should be the mantra of justice and equality in opportunity. The government’s task is to provide a framework where people can live in a civil society, pursue dreams to accomplish what they wish.

Top-down enforcement of social justice you end up juggling society’s advantages and disadvantages and you further stretch the government’s hands. You get more and more positions in government for people who would otherwise be unemployable. Jobs in woke and social justice will not lead to a better nation. More rubbish jobs will do nothing. Professors make a living from Marxist theories,  race-hustling, victimhood, critical-race theory, feminism and other fluff. 

Conservative silence and appeasement over the radical left’s agenda should be over. The evidence of the left’s destructiveness is on display more than ever, conservative bravery as never been more needed.

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