Joe biden says Antifa doesnt exist

Antifa activists are either totally ignorant or terribly brainwashed. However, I do not expect mind-control camps, referred to as universities in Australia, to change. Do you notice that many of the inmates never want to leave either?

The favourite word of Antifa is ‘fascist’. They throw that word around daily and as often as they can. They want people to believe that fascism is a right-wing philosophy. It is actually everything opposite, which they willfully ignore or have been so brainwashed and trained to think like that.

The myth that fascism is a right-wing, pro-capitalist, anti-socialist ideology is going to be very hard to break. Seeing as most youths think this, and their left-wing instructors tell them so, means it is only going to get worse. Given that so many go to mind-control camps and think it is their God-given right to,  this way of thinking is not going away.

Progressive leftism IS in fact fascism. The original fascists were on the left. Fascist movements were, and are, left-wing. Antifa fits that definition.

Antifa commonly uses tactics of mob rule, mob psychology, character assassinations, purging of academics who do not toe the line, thuggery and intimidation, vilifying others as racists and organising militant groups for combat. Silencing others is their modus operandi. 

The left for decades has tried to redefine fascism as belonging to the right, which has been hugely successful.  The arts, most of the media and academia all push this narrative.

The German Nazi Party and Mussolini’s Italy were hardline socialists. Antifa is a carbon copy of their methods. The Nazis believed in: confiscation of wealth and private property, free education and healthcare, abortion, mass public work programs, guaranteed jobs, control of the arts and libraries,  purging of academia and institutions, control of education and attack on private independent schooling, making the churches and charities fall under their total control, usurping parental rights and making the state the guardian, seizure of all guns from lawful citizens, blamed Jewish entrepreneurs for all the ills and injustice upon Germans.

The Nazis loathed the free market and capitalism and wanted strong government intervention. They inserted the authority of the state to control. It was totalitarianism. It is a carbon copy of Antifa. 

What do the conservatives believe in? They believe in: freedom of religion, private education, free markets, lower taxes,  minimalist government,  parental rights, lower taxes, freedom of conscience, responsibility and entrepreneurship should be encouraged. It is totally the opposite of what Antifa is and left progressivism. Antifa is for uniformity of opinion or else!

The reason social justice warriors and its most militant form of Antifa attack private schools and Christianity,  calls people bigots or Nazis, yells fascists and so on is because they want control. It is not about fairness or their compassionate virtue.

Attacks on private schools are not about inequitable funding, but because they detest parents or educators having different beliefs and thoughts as them. There is no inequitable funding. Australia has poured the bottomless pit of money at education for decades with worsening results. And if you want to go to university all you need to do is apply and you’re in. And don’t forget no fees.

It is all taken care of and then you can enter a Marxist Gulag of your choice. They wish to have heavy constraints on religion because for the social justice warrior set and its ugliest manifestation in Antifa the state is their religion, leftism is their religion.

For me the footage of Roz Ward at the March for the Babies on 12 October in Melbourne spoke volumes to anyone with common sense. A Marxist engineer of the little souls in Victoria with her genderless utopia called Safe Schools was yelling fascist.

Matty’s Modern Life March for the Babies 2019 vlog featuring Roz Ward

She also thumped a Trump supporter on the street in 2016. She has form.  But apart from that she has such ignorance and spreads utter falsehoods that fascism is from the right. It is all on her side.

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