The Melbourne Underground Film Festival is the film festival that the left hates. Why? Because they do not control it.

Last week Morgan went to see Richard Wolstencroft, the festival director who is well known in the arts industry for having alternate views. They sat down to discuss this year’s festival as well as the current state of the arts industry in Melbourne.

Last year after the result of the marriage plebiscite was released Richard posted a short rant on his twitter page condemning the bourgeoisie elite for “normalizing their degeneracy.” He quickly came under attack from the establishment left who threatened to boycott and protest the next festival.

However, this year is looking even more promising than before as alternate media content creators and media personalities continue to rise. He has had more submissions to this year than ever before.

Does this mean that the market for more right-wing content is growing? Is the left loosing one of its major monopolies in Australia? Are you aware of any other film festivals from around the world? Let us know in the comments.


Check out the MUFF website here:

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