Trump accuser drops case, Zervos bribed to make false claims


The woman falsely accusing Trump of sexually harassing her when she was 13 has dropped the lawsuit against Trump. According to Politico, a notice dismissing the suit was handed in by the accuser’s lawyer. The lawsuit was most likely a distraction conjured up in partnership with the Clinton campaign to defame Trump for the time being up until the election.

The Clinton campaign’s involvement would not be surprising, as new sources claim that Apprentice-star Summer Zervos was paid by the Democratic party to spread lies accusing Trump of sexual assault. According to GotNews, feminist lawyer and Democratic fund-raiser Gloria Allred paid Zervos $500 000 to publicise the false claim that Trump raped her. The source also said that other contestants were given the offer.

This wasn’t the only fabricated case of Trump sexually harassing minors. Other lies spread against Trump were debunked when the neighbours living next to the “victim’s” home saying that it was empty ever since its owner died in 2015. The suit was also deemed as invalid under federal law.

This would be a great setback for the left, currently trying to understate Hillary’s crimes and overstate allegations against Trump in a new attempt at widening the gap in the polls. Trump’s garnering of new supporters is currently narrowing the gap between the two candidates, and this has apparently called for an underplay of all the crimes committed by Hillary. From comments in BBC’s Facebook posts to crudely leftist TV talk shows, our beloved lefties seem to be under the impression that Trump supporters are overzealous in focusing on “Clinton emails”, in relation to all the accusations made against Trump.

But the truth is, the left is ignorant when considering the fact that they are ignoring matters of national security in favour of publicising grossly false accusations against Trump. The fact that they are ignoring Clinton’s email scandals simply shows the regressive nature that defines the left-wing of politics. The email scandal is not just about her sending emails. It’s also about what’s in the emails, which reveal her evil and selfish personality, and make evident the disastrous consequences of a Clinton presidency to America and the world. Clinton’s own niece has realised this and supports Trump. But the left is a special kind altogether. 

The left’s indifference towards the email scandal signifies their lack of concern in supporting a woman who: funded Al Qaeda with Obama, called “low social capital” Americans a “bucket of losers”, fervently supports closing the wage gap but paid her own female employees $190 000 less, rigs polls in her favour, wants to control citizens and impose an Orwellian society on Americans, accepts money from countries supporting ISIS, employs people who called blacks and Muslims “professional never do wells”, shows solidarity with Wall Street, rigged the debates, colludes with the mainstream media, and has employees who are involved Satanic rituals and activities.

All of this was revealed through her emails, and that’s just the start of it. Her other faults seemingly escaping the minds of her supporters are her ardent desire to go to war with Russia, acceptance of money from countries that kill gays and suppress women while pretending to champion gay rights and feminism, and her shutting down of her husband’s rape accusers. To the left, the fact that she funded terrorist groups is not as concerning as the Trump Tapes. Her rigging of the Democratic primaries is not as important as fabricated Trump accusations. Not only does this say something about the left, it also says something about the state of Western society. Who would expect a woman like Hillary Clinton to now be a candidate for the US Presidential election? Only a Trump victory can restore Western society and ensure the return of integrity and honour to the United States.

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