Poll: Richard Dawkins Wants the World to Start Chowing Down on Human Meat Grown in a Lab, Great Idea or Not so Great?


Richard Dawkins has over a million followers on Facebook, Richard Dawkins has million-dollar deal with media companies for documentary coverage, Richard Dawkins is a respected intellectual in today’s society and now, Richard Dawkins is advocating for you to eat human meat! Isn’t that just great!

Earlier this year, British born evolutionary biologist and world famous anti-theist Richard Dawkins shared an article over Twitter regarding lab grown meat, where stem cells are extracted from the muscle tissue of a living animal. These cells are then nurtured in sugars and minerals before being left to develop in bioreactor tanks for a few weeks. Afterwards this developed skeletal muscle can be minced and served to the general public. Delicious!

Dawkins tweeted regarding this article “What if human meat is grown? Could we overcome our taboo against cannibalism?”

So, he is suggesting that getting over our taboo against cannibalism is a good idea? Why? Is normal lab grown meat not good enough for us?

Dawkins has long advocated for animal rights, stating that as humans we are also animals and that there is a double standard attached to eating “other animals” and not considering their pain. He considers carnivorous diets to be on par with slavery. In a video he has asked the question what our descendants will think of us eating “non-human” animals.

So, he would rather us eat human meat than animal meat?

Dawkins has also made the comparison to aborting unborn children, questioning why it is still illegal to kill the unborn in the womb when we kill millions of animals each year for food.

Well the answer is simple, we humans have reason, do what we need to do to survive, including looking after our offspring. Just like any other living creature in the animal kingdom. We look take care of our own.

Is he suggesting putting animal rights over human rights? Of course, he is.

Society’s taboo on cannibalism is there for a reason, just because this meat has not been taken from a dead human doesn’t mean that it is morally passable. We have to ask ourselves, what could this lead to in the future?

What happens if the mainstream media jumps on this and makes it a trend. What happens if it gets written into law for “ethical” reasons, with the current direction the world is going this is definitely not an impossible feat.

Policies like involuntary euthanasia have also been talked about in recent years for the disabled and the elderly, could they end up the contents of a futuristic hamburger in order to save money on lab grown products?

What if people who become accustomed to eating lab grown human that they want to try more naturally grown product?

If you don’t think it is possible for something like this to become a serious problem, look at the growing number of vegetarians and vegans in Australia. These are people who believe that animals are equal to or in extreme cases deserve more rights than human beings. Between 2012 and 2016 people who identify as vegetarians in Australia have risen by 400,000 totalling our vegetarian population at the end of 2016 at 2.1 million people.

Aside from this many social media trends blaming humans for pollution and the rest of the world’s ills have been growing more popular. Even nihilistic memes depicting resentment for the human race have been showing up on many of the top pages.



Richard Dawkins says that he still eats meat but acknowledges it as being immoral. With the arrival of lab grown human meat it is quite possible that many other people who feel the same way will change their diets towards the upcoming food source.

Could this self-hating trend influence the culture and our democracy to remove a taboo against cannibalism? Especially when other widely renowned figure like Dawkins start to endorse it?

Feel free to participate in the poll below so we can start to work out how many people could possibly vote in favour of this.


It is predicted that lab grown animal meat could be rolled out into stores before the end of the year.


Would overturning our taboo on cannibalism be positive or negative for the community?

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