Days after the horrific Las Vegas Country Music massacre we are not much closer to ascribing a motive to the mass murderer Stephen Paddock. The Unshackled has not commented on it yet because so many facts are still unknown so the appropriate response to this tragedy cannot be formulated.

But the number of unknowns hasn’t stopped Australia’s leading regressives already drawing their own conclusions and demanding the implementation of their preferred response. The Project’s Waleed Aly and Yassmin Abdel-Magied have been the primary examples. Their responses have not just been premature but they are factually wrong.

Waleed never missing an opportunity to use his platform on the Project to grandstand delivered a monologue on Tuesday night decrying the regular occurrence of these mass shootings in the United States and the number of guns in the country “The truth about this act is not how evil it is, but how incredibly ordinary it has become”.

It’s interesting that Waleed only speaks like this about mass shootings and not attacks in western nations carried out in the name of Islam which occur weekly. You could easily substitute the term mass shooting for Islamist attack. Let’s also remember that the US has had three mass shootings that were also Islamist attacks.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied whose outlandish statements and claims have led to her exiling herself from Australia claimed we wouldn’t be talking about gun laws if the shooter was Muslim.

This is again incorrect as after the Orlando gay nightclub massacre carried out by Omar Mateen in the name of ISIS both President Obama and the mainstream media blamed the availability of guns and the NRA.

Other leftist and social justice warriors appear to be celebrating the fact that the shooter was white man and have even demanded some sort of racial profiling of them. They have also claimed that not enough people are calling it a terrorist attack. This is again incorrect, conservative Sky News personality Paul Murray called the Vegas attack an act of domestic terrorism, as did many others.

As for the profiling of white men after the Sandy Hook massacre many conservative commentators such as Ann Coulter advocated for a rethink about how we deal with mentally ill people (which includes white men) and asked has the deinstitutionalization of mental health led a threat to public safety?

Of course, the main thing leftists such as Waleed and Yassmin have wanted to attack in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting is the United States gun culture. Nevermind that it is illegal for US citizens to buy a machine gun, and by the way mass murder is also illegal.

It is interesting that people who don’t live in the United States feel the need to tell citizens there about how to respond to their tragedy. Nobody likes it when foreigners tell Australia how our laws should be.

Of course there is also the usual outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome with Trump apparently not tweeting the correct condolences. This is despite the response from authorities being exemplary saving countless lives.

There should be a response to this massacre, but let’s wait for all the facts to come out rather than exploiting the tragedy as fit peoples already existing political agendas.

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