Double Mosque Shooting in Christchurch New Zealand


There has been a double mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand on the Muslim day of worship. These occurred at mosques at Deans Ave and one at Linwood Ave. There were reports reports of a shooter outside the hospital where victims are being treated.

40 have confirmed dead while 25 are critically injured, four arrests have been made, including one woman.

One of the shooters believed to be an Australia white supremacist ‘Brenton Tarant’. He broadcast a shocking live video streamed from a Go-Pro to Facebook Live which has now been taken down, he can be seen driving his car with multiple shotguns with a least one rigged to automatic covered in different messages.

In the video he proceeds to enter the mosque, opening fire with a shotgun and an assault rifle as worshipers attempt to shield each other in the corners helplessly. After sweeping the building and perimeter he then re-enters the building to execute the injured heard moaning and crying.

One of the weapons used in the live video had ’14’ written on it, likely representing the ’14 words’ popularized by white supremacist ‘David Lane’.

Also circulating online is a shooter’s manifesto outlining their reason for carrying out the shooting was declining white birth rates in the west and migrant ethnic replacement.

Excerpt from 8chan post attributed to ‘Brenton Tarant’

Social media networks have deleted Brenton Tarant’s social accounts but the shocking live videos and shooters’ manifesto have been re-uploaded online by self described freelance journalist Nick Munroe on Twitter. We will not post links to these videos out of respect for the victims.

The Canterbury Police Commissioner Mike Bush confirmed one person is custody though other offenders are still at large and they do not know if there have been other shootings throughout the Christchurch area.

He urged people to avoid attending any mosques in New Zealand. Schools are in lockdown around the city of Christchurch and people are urged to stay indoors.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the double mosque shooting “an unprecedented act of violence” and that it was “one of New Zealand’s darkest day” and “this is not who we are” with the victims being people who call New Zealand home. She refused to call it a hate crime at this stage

This is still a developing story with facts likely to change. If this article contains any inaccuracies which we will endeavor to correct. But we condemn this act of savagery and murder and the divisions it will create to social cohesion in New Zealand and Australia.

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