Let’s accept persecuted white South Africans to Australia


White South Africans are enduring persecution and suffering in their own country. A new wave of anti-white racism has even received mainstream media attention, with white people having to retreat inside squatter camps due to the racist policies of the ruling African National Congress. Despite the Australian Government maintaining its focus on Islamic refugees, they have continued to ignore South African refugees and their ordeal.

As such, the Unshackled has created a petition calling the Australian Government to accept persecuted white South Africans into Australia. It is shameful and unjust to focus on refugees of a particular religious group while ignoring South Africans who are suffering in their own country. If this government really cares about refugee intake, they will at least facilitate open discussion on admitting white South African refugees.

The South African government’s decision to promote employment for black South Africans by ignoring the welfare of the country’s white people is an atrocious use of racism. It is even more confronting when one realises the extent to which this issue is ignored by international organisations like the United Nations, who continue to push Western countries to accept all other refugees. This disgraceful indifference to white people has its roots in the racist belief that whites are the cause of the world’s problems. They continue to be blamed for horrible circumstances that occurred hundreds of years ago.

White people in South Africa are forced to pay more tax and are living under the threat of having their property expropriated without compensation. This sort of anti-white racism propagated by the nation’s leader usually goes unnoticed by the mainstream media, and is ignored by the left in favour of calling Trump supporters Nazis. This is a classical example of left-wing millennials believing they are oppressed but completely ignoring the suffering experienced by white people in another part of the world.

The Australian Government must accept white South Africans as refugees. Let’s send a message to our leaders in order to prevent them from ignoring their own racial group. This government is pre-occupied with allowing dangerous religious groups into our country, but shamelessly ignoring white people who need our help. It’s time to help fellow white people, because white lives matter.

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