Yesterday, concerned citizens gathered together with one harmonious voice which ringed through the streets of Melbourne saying “Justice for Jalal!” These concerned citizens are Fed Up with the fun and games the justice system are playing when it comes to the lives of the innocent. ‘Jalal Yassine-Naja’ was only 13 when he was struck by a car being driven by ‘Ayou Deng’ who shows absolutely no remorse after her reckless driving caused the death of ‘Jalal’. ‘Ayou Deng’ was unlicensed when she struck Jalal. ‘Ayou Deng’ did not stop immediately, and when she finally did stop, her first thoughts weren’t “lets help Jalal”, they were “Oh no! I’m going to jail”. At her court appearance ‘Ayou’ showed up in the SAME car she struck Jalal with, again, she remained unlicensed. To add insult to injury, ‘Ayou’s’ rude behavior does not cease there, upon leaving court she gets aggressive with news reporters, flipping them off and throwing dust, oh did i mention she shows NO REMORSE?

So after all of her inate and distasteful actions following ‘Jalal’s’ death, her sentence for KILLING an innocent person while being UNLICENSED and showing NO REMORSE is a WHOPPING 80 hours of COMMUNITY SERVICE! 80 F**KING HOURS for the life of a beautiful person. To the judge that handed down that sentence, how would you feel if this was your child, and the driver got off with 80 hours community service? How do you sleep at night knowing you degraded someones life worth to 80 hours?

Not surprisingly the community was horrified to hear such a lax sentence handed down to such a terrible person, so the community said “Enough is enough” and started up “#JusticeForJalal” to campaign to make sure no one else has to go through the same experience of watching the killer walk away with a slap on the wrist. We gathered in treasury gardens to start the march for Jalal.


At the meeting point there was a banner which stated “Justice for Jalal” with a picture of Jalal and a sketch of Jalal’s skateboard; underneath the banner lay flowers and signs in commemoration of a precious life lost at the hands of a reckless driver. There was a donation can and some T-shirts for the march, a T-shirt i will wear with pride from now on.


The march began from Treasury Gardens towards Parliament House where the speeches were to be held. The voices of the marchers Rang out through the streets of Melbourne saying “Justice for Jalal”, you could feel the passion in the way they expressed themselves, it may have been a short march, but it was one of the most powerful marches i have ever been to and definitely one of the most emotional. We stopped at the steps of parliament, it was such a beautiful sight to see the Sea of Blue with all the wonderful Men, women and children gathered side by side to raise their voices in support of such a precious life.blank

To see such a crowd was moving to say the least, Several people spoke, showing their support and outrage for this unfortunate event. But the speech that got me on the verge of tears was the speech given by ‘Olivia’, the mother of ‘Jalal’, as Olivia gave her speech about what had happened and the kind of person Jalal was, i could feel myself getting upset and angry at the same time, upset that such a beautiful person had been lost and angry that the person responsible had been given a slap on the wrist as a punishment.


Seeing Olivia and her two other sons was heartbreaking. Even as i write this, the faces of these children haunt me as i realise they are also the victims of this injustice served out by the Victorian “Justice” system.

At the end of the event, ‘Tim Wilms’ interviewed ‘Olivia’, and to see such emotion really drove home the fact that this is the human face of ‘Daniel Andrews’ blissful ignorance of injustices. I urge everyone to fully back “Justice for Jalal”, remember that YOU can make a difference.





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