Adelaide Woman Given $500 Fine After Being Found Guilty Of Bashing 8 Month Old Child


Adelaide woman Lorien Norman has avoided jail time after bashing her eight-month-old daughter. Norman, who was convicted of causing harm with intent after repeatedly striking her child with a cooking spoon, was given a two-year good behaviour bond and ordered to pay a miserly sum of only $500.

The judgement follows an incident in October 2016 which saw police called to Norman’s home after neighbours heard her threatening to throw the child off a balcony. Norman had originally claimed that her daughter’s injuries were the result of a playground fall, after the toddler was found with facial bruising. However, a closer examination indicated that the injuries had in fact been sustained as a result of eight separate blows to the face and body — causing Norman to then plead guilty.

The maximum punishment attached to the charges is a 13 year prison sentence, which District Court Judge Jack Costello decided would be too harsh for someone who had pled guilty to bashing an eight-month-old child. Following the sentencing, screenshots have emerged of Norman sending vindictive messages to her former partner — the toddler’s father, in order to gloat about the outcome and outline her intentions to regain custody of the child.

As the Turnbull Government, spurred on by the feminist lobby, continues to promote falsehoods concerning Australia’s supposedly gendered domestic violence epidemic, this outcome highlights just how out of touch with reality the mainstream domestic violence debate in Australia has become. Evidently, maintaining the feminist lobby’s victimhood narrative is more important than protecting innocent children from abuse. How many more toddlers must be violently bashed before Australia finally wakes up?

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