Australia Tourism Guide 2022


The following may be satire or a prediction

Australia is a huge country and now the world’s largest prison. The country was founded as a penal colony and has returned to its roots. Until the 1970s Australia was very self-sufficient and resilient. Although Australia is considered rich by world standards, the decline of Australia over the past few years has been spectacular. 

Most Australians live in trauma and fear over the coronavirus. The government health advice is to avoid sunlight and exercise and to watch television propaganda daily. Installing fear into children has been another big pastime of governments and hypochondriac parents. Most Australians believe everything the government tells them and think life will return to normal if they take the experimental vaccines. Most Australians also believe the government cares about them and that they are keeping them on a prison island for their health. 

Australians are often seen wearing masks out in parks, in the forests, and even on the beach. Many have been filmed wearing masks swimming at the beach. Australians feel good about wearing masks and it makes them feel good. The average Australian feels good to QR check in to everywhere on a government app on their mobile phones so the government can keep surveillance on their movements. It is now a ritual when getting that green tick when signing in via the government app for entry to stores, restaurants, and major events. Hand sanitizer is in every store.

The government determines what is an essential service and where you can and cannot go. You can go to a brothel or gay bathhouse, but only small gatherings at houses of worship are permitted. The state controllers have the Australians under their thumb and by and large, Australians enjoy being subjugated and controlled. Many Australians enjoy subjugating others. Dobbing in neighbors and turning into henchmen for the government is now a favorite activity for many. 

The Australian authorities have revisited horrors of the past such as military on the streets, curfews, people being asked for papers and the shutting down of borders as a means of escape. Many are separated from their families. The government now is dividing citizens between good and bad citizens. If you take the covid vaccines you are a good person but if you don’t you are a second-class citizen. Officials recently locked down borders again and demanded people take their booster shots or Australia cannot return to normal.

Vaccine advertising takes up most of the commercial airtime. If you are not wearing a mask you can cop a $200 fine. If you fail to provide papers you can be arrested. Australians do not know tyranny accepting if they cannot travel, must be under surveillance, forced to quarantine, separated from their families, mandated to have vaccines they do not want nor need, arrested for going for exercise, arrested for gathering in groups and so on. 

For a peaceful stay in Australia, it is best not to criticize the government or any of the covid measures. You cannot decide on where you want to go and your freedom of movement is heavily restricted. Australians like the government to decide such things. It is best that you participate in the cult of covid by downloading the government app and performing the covid rituals as much as you can. The government will also appreciate it if you dob in citizens who are not doing their bit for the common good. Australia is the epicentre of the cult of covid and for compliance to government orders. Nearly all Australians took vaccines because the government told them so and in order for them to work, play and travel. At the time of writing Australians are taking their fourth booster shots in order for their covid safe green passes to be valid. 

Those deciding to still visit Australia are advised that curfews can be installed at any time. Borders can also shut and there can be limits to how far you venture outside your hotel room.  If you use the government app and you have been found to have been in one of the exposure sites you must quarantine for two weeks. The government can come into your home without a warrant and force you to quarantine.  Forced testing is also regularly done and quarantine camps are set up for political dissidents.

To be a good citizen in Australians eyes you should carry your vaccine green pass and regularly criticize those who are anti lockdown and anti-vaccine. Those saying Covid is a minuscule threat should be ridiculed and persecuted no matter how truthful it is. The authorities will give you a pleasant stay if you agree to any measure they impose and you keep quiet. 

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