Poll: Could a Revolt Against Migrants Happen Again in Sweden?


Could Sweden be on the verge of another people’s revolt with attacks on migrant centres and the wave of immigrant continues to drain the countries resources?


The refugee crisis in Europe is enormous. In 2015 alone, more than 100,000 refugees from everywhere including Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan made it to Sweden. The following year, an estimated 90,000 took advantage of the country’s generous immigration program. After years of welcoming immigrants, The Unshackled is asking you, our readers, when will the Swedes once again revolt against this unrelenting tide of unskilled, unwanted immigration?

In 2015, the normally- friendly, accommodating Swedes took matters into their own hands. As the government continued to bring in more and more immigrants, mostly asylum- seekers from Muslim countries, vigilante-style behaviour has taken hold of the country. The normal Swedes had a clear message to those in public office that they had enough.

The vigilantes at this time were a by-product of the people’s loss of faith in the powers- that- be. In the eyes of the Swedes, the government had epically failed them. The government had not protected its own people, the culture, and their economic welfare from the rising tide brought in by refugees.

In 2015, the Swedes responded resolutely by burning down refugee centres and facilities that have been suspected of housing immigrants.

During the 21st century, Europe has had an immigration-friendly agenda. However, electoral victories by nationalist groups in Poland, Hungary, Austria, and close calls in Germany and France prove change more generally is in the offing. The nationalist agenda runs on an anti-immigration platform. And since 2015, nationalists have taken a more centre stage role than ever before.

Sweden is no different and with good reasons. For decades, Sweden’s political leaders have been advocating multi-culturalism and globalism as a cure to all the ills that “traditional Swedish culture” failed to deliver. But in 2015, all the Swedes saw was the problems, and expressed their anger with violent retaliation.

In 2018, with even more immigrants flooding Sweden’s shores, there is an even greater strain on the country’s welfare system, resources and tolerance then back in 2015. Ever more resources are needed to educate Muslim children and to get refugees to integrate into Swedish culture. However, the consequences have been severe, particularly to Swedish women.

A 2012 study by the United Nations showed that more sexual crimes were committed against Sweden by Muslims than in any country in the world. It has risen to epidemic levels.

The Muslim immigrants have shown no willingness to integrate themselves into Swedish culture. Case in point is Sweden’s beautiful city of Malmo. Today almost a quarter of its population of 300,000 people is made up of Muslims, by and large, the most in any European country.

Schools in Malmo are changing their menus to accommodate the diet of Muslim children. Adult Muslims walk the streets with their long, flowing robes dragging along the concrete, women continue to wear the traditional black hijabs.

What was once thought of was the country’s symbol of multi-culturalism at its finest may end up becoming another battlefield between Muslims and the Jews and who supports Israel and who doesn’t.

Only now, left-wing Swedish politicians are throwing their weight behind Muslims in what they believe is oppressive behaviour versus immigrants.

As the old saying goes, “It will only get worse before it gets better.” In Sweden, perhaps the worst is still to come.

Do you think the Swedish population will once again burn down refugee centres and facilities as an act of protest?

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