AfD Accuses German Government Of Allowing Illegal Arrivals Of Migrants By Plane


Deputy parliamentary leader of the
Alternative for Germany (AfD), Leif-Erik Holm has been keeping an eye on
illegal arrivals of migrants which allegedly happen through the scheduling of
secret flights at night for years now. 

However, the German Federal Government
has been keeping the issue under wraps.

As early as 2016, there were already
speculations that migrants were being covertly flown into Germany under cover
of darkness.

Last year, Holm leveled heavy
accusations at the German government, asserting that officials actively “cover
up, obfuscate and veil the consequences of its catastrophic asylum policy.”

The Federal Office for Migration and
Refugees (Bamf) has been interviewing numerous asylum seekers about their
itineraries since 2017.

The agency also conducts queries on
how the refugees arrived in Germany – on foot, by train, car, bus or

Holm has been monitoring refugee
arrivals since the controversy surfaced, however, his recent inquiry was shut
down.  He was given the answer that they
were now classified as a secret “(VS) – only for official use” – for reasons of
“state welfare”.  

The AfD deputy leader attempted to
get details from the Federal Government but his request was rejected.

According to Holm, the government
wants to sweep the impact of immigration on the social system under the carpet:

“What is so secretive and worthy of
protection for questions that have already been asked to thousands of asylum
seekers in the context of the itinerary? The asylum seekers have certainly made
no secret of the questions among themselves. The behavior is completely

Holm stressed that the key issue of
the entire asylum crisis is how migrants manage to arrive illegally in Germany.
He also pointed out that it’s also about which neighboring countries could
simply wave refugees.

“In particular, the question of
whether an aircraft was used on the entire itinerary to Germany is very
significant in this context.

 “It is just about the usual welfare state
immigrant. And that is exactly what the federal government wants to sweep under
the carpet,” Holm stated.

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