Victorian Bushfires Exacerbated By Anti-Logging Activists?

19 bushfires rage across the Victorian bush. Could anti-logging activists have made the situation worse by preventing backburning and land clearing?


As at least 19 bushfires rage across the Victorian bush and lay waste to properties and national parks, it has emerged that anti-logging activists may have made the situation worse by preventing land clearing teams from doing backburning and preventative land clearing.


In the last two weeks we reported that Vegan activists have been targeting Livestock and Dairy producers. Recently it has been alleged that the interference of anti-logging activists may have allowed excess vegetative growth to provide fuel for bush fires.


At least 9 properties have been destroyed in Bunyip and Yinnar in the widespread blazes ongoing to the east of metropolitan Melbourne.


The 2009 Black Saturday and Gippsland bushfires of Feb 7 2009 killed 173 people and left thousands more homeless, leading to a royal commission.

The commission, among a number of recommendations, argued that the government should quadruple the amount of controlled burning it carries out.


It has been alleged that by continuing their sit-in protests, anti-logging activists blocked forestry workers from being able to respond to urgent requests for land clearing. By locking out national parks and reserves, an overgrowth of vegetation creates an abundance of kindling waiting to be ignited by lightning or other sources of ignition.


As the Victorian bushfires continue, we at the Unshackled sincerely hope that there is no repeat of the black Saturday disaster and that the Victorian government fully takes on board the findings of the 2009 royal commission.

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