Vice President Mike Pence right, assists his wife Karen Pence as they depart the Naval Observatory for several inaugural balls, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Over the past week the internet has been abuzz over Mike Pence’s personal decision to avoid dining alone with women other than his wife. The Vice President also stays true to a personal commitment to avoid consuming alcohol without the presence of his wife. It’s a commitment that requires great mental restraint in order to avoid temptations, and highlights the integrity and honour residing within Pence with this demonstration of a strong moral framework.

One would expect society and the media to admire Pence, but of course, one would be wrong. In an age where the concepts of morality and self-restraint are threatened, and even outright rejected, thanks to the new wave of progressivism, the left and its friends in the media are mocking the Vice President in the most despicable of ways. Pence is being labelled a sexist for apparently associating women with immorality and propagating the Biblical notion that women are masters of seduction whose actions will be akin to that of Eve injecting evil into Adam. If that isn’t bad enough, Pence is even being called an advocate of rape culture for somehow implying the notion that “boys will be boys and just can’t help their dang selves when it comes to women”, as stated in the left-wing Elite Daily.

This is a great example of the left blowing simple issues completely and pathetically out of proportion. One of the major social groups triggered by Pence’s commitment to tradition and morality are left-wing males. According to their otherworldly logic, Mike Pence is actually being sexist against males by supposedly saying that he needs his wife to “keep him in check”, which thereby “reinforces the idea that men can’t help themselves without women, rule followers, to stop them”. As male feminists, they’ve joined the triggered progressive bandwagon to condemn Pence for his own personal life choices.

Apart from displaying their irony by criticising a straight white cisgendered male for his own personal choices while preventing such criticisms of gender and sexual minorities, this little episode shows just how much the left has gone down the drain. Pence’s decision to avoid dining with other women simply means that he does not want to risk the stability of his marriage and the soundness of his moral integrity. By abstaining from this behaviour, he is fulfilling his role as a loving and faithful husband to his wife, just as many wives do to their husbands. As with many other things that trigger feminists, this is not a gendered issue. It’s an individual issue.

It is a fact that men contain a higher sexual drive than women, and some men are better able to control it than others. It is also a fact that women are able to seduce men, and the age-old saying that a woman’s greatest weapon is what’s between her legs holds true in many circumstances. So if anything, this reflects weaknesses present among both genders when it comes to sexuality, and thus it is invalid to use the woman card and preach sexism when this issue should be looked at through an individual basis. As for his decision to avoid alcohol without his wife’s presence, all that can be said is that humans do lose control when they’re drunk, regardless of gender, and this half of the issue is in no way whatsoever related to gender or sexism.

But what comes as a surprise to the right-winger witnessing this series of events unfolding on the internet is the fact that the left is flaunting its hypocrisy in a much deeper level through the use of double standards. To the left, Pence’s life commitment which in no way harm other people, somehow receives greater attention and condemnation (meaning none of the latter) than Bill Clinton’s atrocities against his own female staff. The three rape victims of Bill Clinton made headlines mainly in right-wing news outlets and were at centre-stage in last year’s Presidential campaign. But the left was silent. Does that mean they don’t care about actual issues confronting women and would rather focus all their energy on silly superficial episodes in the name of ‘sexism’? Or does it mean that left-wing politicians are somehow immune from criticisms and condemnation by the mainstream media?

The left was nowhere to be seen when the three women revealed the ordeal they suffered thanks to Bill Clinton, and the left was nowhere when Bill cheated on his wife in the most atrocious manner. But the left doesn’t fail to come out of the cave and wreak havoc in the virtual world when a right-wing politician makes clear his intent to preserve his marriage and his morality. Yet again, society has been exposed to three of the features that characterise the left: double standards, hypocrisy, and opposition to morality.

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