A Melbourne based cafe has come under fire for charging male customers 18% more than female customers. The Handsome Her Cafe — located at 206 Sydney Road, Brunswick, in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs, charges the additional man tax for one week of every month, as a protest against the so called ‘gender pay gap’ which sees Australian women earning less than Australian men on average. The pay gap — which social justice warriors erroneously argue exists because of gender based discrimination, has been debunked time and time again, yet still continues to linger on within the realm of the national political discourse. In reality, women earn less income than men on average due to the types of professions which they choose to pursue and the hours that they work, rather than as a result of any sort of gender based discrimination.

The feminist themed vegan cafe also offers priority seating for women, and has an entire wall within the venue dedicated to feminist idols — including Michelle Obama, a woman who is famous for being married to a successful man. Questions are now being raised over the legality of the venture, due to the fact that its discriminatory policies are a blatant violation of Australian discrimination laws. Australia’s Sex Discrimination Act of 1984 makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, with the Handsome Her Cafe’s policies blatantly violating this legal requirement.

As a country which once prided itself on a proud egalitarian culture that emphasised judging people on the basis of their individual merit, it is sad to see Australia gradually regressing to the point where these types of initiatives are increasingly considered by many to be socially acceptable. Aided by a climate of authoritarian political correctness which is reinforced through the nation’s educational institutions and mainstream media organisations, the social justice warrior cult continues to grow day by day — seeping further into all facets of Australian life. In order for Australia to remain a nation where the values and principles of our predecessors are still upheld and defended, this toxic culture must be opposed. If the silent majority continue to remain silent, then our once great nation will deteriorate even further. Will you stay silent?

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