It’s Heterosexual Pride Day, let us celebrate the people who keep the human race alive

Heterosexual couple

Since the dawn of time, procreation has occupied a fundamental and essential foundation in this world to ensure the preservation of the natural order and the prosperity of humanity. It has been ratified by religion, and guarded by humans through tradition, knowing full well that any manipulation of it would result in chaos. As a result, it is our cis-het males and females who have ensured the preservation and continuation of our nationality, our race, and our species. If any identity group deserves a pride day, it is them.

For thousands of years, before the advent of liberalism and cultural marxism, heterosexuality ruled supreme, and the survival of Western civilisation was secured. However, this sense of security has now given way to imminent collapse. An encouragement of new lifestyles and the acceptance of illusions has resulted in the West coming under the threat of a new problem. Today, the Western world is suffering under a low birth rate, making it imperative more than ever before to celebrate and promote marriage and reproduction for their pivotal roles in society.

As many of you probably are now, I was surprised to discover that there indeed was a day to mark heterosexual pride. Given the current power wielded by LGBT activists and lobby groups, it is encouraging to see that not all tradition and morality is lost. Of course, the emergence of non-traditional sexual identities has been a modern-day phenomenon, attributed to Carl Friedrich Otto Westphal’s article on ‘contrary sexual sensations’. It is from here on that we witness the triggering of the slippery slope that has led to today’s circumstances.

There’s a reason why all major religions, ranging from Christianity to Buddhism, make it compulsory for religious adherents to further the family line and continue the family tradition. The union between a male and female, either ratified through marriage (in the case of Christianity and Hinduism for example), or through both individuals’ achievement of financial independence (as with Buddhism), has been upheld as a sacred and special bond. And for good reason. It is this union that keeps the human race alive.

This union, despite its pivotal role in human society, is under attack. There are some who aim at cheapening this union by manipulating it to fit their selfish needs all in the name of equality. Such individuals, despite choosing not to reproduce and continue the survival of the human race, are under the impression that they too deserve the same status as the former. This Heterosexual Pride Day, let us remember to never cave in to the cunningly emotional arguments used by such individuals in an effort to take advantage of our compassion to fulfil their delusions.

This issue goes hand in hand with another equally dangerous threat, further emphasising how the propagation of the human race is more important than ever before. The Western world is afflicted with a low birth rate, a situation which the globalists aim to rectify by promoting mass migration that has resulted in chaos in many parts of the West. The only solution to this problem is for cis white males and females to further their family lines and ensure the continuation of their respective ethnicities.

In order to keep the population of a country constant, a birth rate of 2.1 is essential. In 2014, the average birth rate for the entire European Union was a disheartening figure: 1.54. Some countries, such as Poland and Greece, are as low as 1.32 and 1.3 respectively. In Australia and the United States, the birth rate is a disappointing 1.86, something which the elites are determined to “solve” through mass migration. It is easy to see why the promotion heterosexuality and procreation is essential in this day and age.

Russia is at the forefront of this movement. Putin made clear his intent to rectify Russia’s declining birth rate during his 2012 presidential campaign: “We are facing the risk of turning into an ‘empty space’ whose fate will not be decided by us”. As President, Putin has provided Russian families with financial incentives to reproduce by gifting extra money on parents for their second and third child. Parents with seven or more children are awarded the ‘Order of Parental Glory’ by the President himself. And the results speak for themselves, with Russia’s birth rate continuing to rise despite a period of economic stagnation. Other Western countries are also in urgent need of such initiatives in order to restore the birth rate.

This is why Heterosexual Pride Day is important. It celebrates the only sexuality whose relationships are able to reproduce and preserve our people. Many, due to their ignorance, may mock or criticise this celebration. But we should thank opposite-sex relationships for not only keeping the human race alive, but for raising and nurturing us while we are children, and continuing to care for us long afterwards. To those who are under the impression that they prefer non-traditional relationships, I hope you will realise the happiness, pleasure and glory inherent in traditional heterosexuality. It is not you who should be proud, it is heterosexuals who should be proud for having the ability to do humanity the greatest service possible.

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