The Liberal Party forsakes its conservative base, again


The Liberal Party’s leftward movement has been on full display since Malcolm Turnbull’s rise to the Prime Ministership. But today, as a response to the growing discontent arising from the party’s right, Malcolm Turnbull re-emphasised his commitment to have the party remain in the “sensible centre” of politics. This was during a speech to the Policy Exchange think tank to accept his award for Australia’s open immigration policy. It has been made more clear from his remarks that the Liberal Party has forsaken its conservative base in favour of being a politically correct institution that can appeal to the growing number of progressives.

The party has chosen to ignore the noble cause of educating people about the reasons for and benefits of right-wing political values, and instead chosen to cave in to contemporary trends. The Liberal Party has turned into a commercial venture rather than a political organisation, caving in to market trends and appealing to people’s superficial desires rather than showing people that conservative values exist for a reason. And it’s all happened under the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull.

While extremely disappointing, this sudden turn does not come as a huge surprise considering Turnbull’s progressive leanings. Malcolm Turnbull’s past itself (he previously tried to join Labor, but was rejected and ended up joining the Liberals instead) prevents many people from being shocked about this phenomenon. It was only a matter of time before the Prime Minister would come out of the closet and announce his plans to drag the party further to the left.

It was only recently that the power held by the party’s left faction was exposed. Christopher Pyne, currently the Minister for Defence Industry, was seen gloating over the inevitability of same sex marriage thanks to his “friends in Canberra”. The event was held exclusively for the Black Hand, a club for the Liberal Party’s left-wing members. The fact that left-Liberals are so willing to subvert the will of the people and deny them a plebiscite (which they were promised) only further makes clear the party’s inability to represent conservatism anymore.

Malcolm Turnbull further went on to say, “We took the name ‘Liberal’ because we were determined to be a progressive party, willing to make experiments, in no sense reactionary but believing in the individual, his right and his enterprise, and rejecting the socialist panacea,” Mr Turnbull said. Funnily enough, it is Malcolm Turnbull who is contributing to a “socialist panacea” by promoting a Labor-lite budget, supporting same sex marriage, and taking such regressive action on climate change.

Protecting “the individual, his right and his enterprise” is no longer under the jurisdiction of a party that continues to be dragged leftwards by its progressive leader. Such values are now the responsibility of new right-wing parties, such as the Australian Conservatives and One Nation. In addition to addressing concerns the Australian people have regarding the current state of the economy and its vulnerability to Chinese exploitation, these two parties have made clear their intention to prevent further social decline by continuing to be vocal against same sex marriage, climate change rhetoric, and mass migration.

The Australian Conservatives have already embarked on smart marketing by encouraging conservative Australians to leave the sinking Liberal boat and join an actual conservative party. Australians who have been betrayed by the Turnbull Liberal government are now welcome to join a party that promotes true classical liberalism through its commitment to small government and individual freedoms.

Pauline Hanson has also joined in to keep Turnbull accountable by tweeting the Prime Minister’s most important revelation: “We took the name Liberals because we were determined to be a progressive party”. The fact that this Prime Minister is under the impression that founders of the Liberal Party wanted to see it caving in to degeneracy should act as the biggest giveaway of his agenda. One Nation is already Australia’s largest conservative party, and is set to keep on growing (seeing as how the Liberals are no longer present to further the cause).

It is time for the remaining conservatives of Australia, and right-wing voters in general, to leave the Liberal Party in favour of supporting true conservative parties who are still loyal to their country. They may face criticisms by Liberals for apparently being disloyal to the party, as Cory Bernardi did, yet it is the Liberals who are blinded by their so-called “loyalty” and betraying their own country in the process. The cause is bigger than the party, and the cause exists to serve the country. Leaving the Liberals in favour of better parties is loyalty to one’s country at its highest level.

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