Social Media Censorship Post St Kilda Political Meeting


There has been a new wave of social media censorship targeting accounts and pages that have been supportive or sympathetic to the Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach last Saturday.

The event was hosted by patriot activist Neil Erikson and was supported by fellow activist Blair Cottrell who was the keynote speaker.

Erikson had been promoting the meeting in the week leading up to it via a Facebook event page which was hosted by his Neil Erikson page and the Nationalist Uprising page which he also operates.

On the Sunday evening following the meeting the event page on Facebook was deleted for hate speech and admins associated with these pages had their personal Facebook profiles suspended for varying days.

Keynote speaker at the meeting Blair Cottrell had already been banned from Facebook and his Facebook page deleted again last year. He had been using his father’s account to access content on the platform but on Sunday, found that that account had been disabled.


The video message of support that Cottrell had recorded for the meeting that was posted on Erikson’s Facebook page was also deleted from the platform. You can still view Cottrell’s message below and judge for yourself if it was ‘hate speech’.

Blair Cottrell’s banned video support message

Cottrell had planned to recorded a livestream via his Twitter account post the meeting however then found out his livestreaming ability on Twitter had been disabled.

There has been much pressure on social media companies from the media and leftist activists post the St Kilda Beach Meeting to delete content and accounts of patriot activists or as they have insisted they be called “nazis” and “extreme far-right activists”.

The Unshackled’s Facebook page on Monday morning disappeared for a short period before reappearing. We did not receive any notification that it had been unpublished.

XYZ which has also covered the St Kilda Beach Meeting was unable to post content on its Facebook page from Sunday morning until Wednesday morning

The pages Neil Erikson, Nationalist Uprising and Patriot Mafia (also operated by Erikson) were down on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Neil Erikson and the Nationalist Uprising pages are once again active however Patriot Mafia is no longer on Facebook.

Erikson is promoting his next activist event which is gatecrashing inner Melbourne councils that have cancelled Australia Day, a practice his Cooks Convicts activist group has done previously. On his website he has called for volunteers and funds to make it happen in time for Australia Day.


One alt-media personality who did find their Facebook page unpublished was friend of the Unshackled Dia Beltran. She was notified on Thursday evening her page It’s Dia Beltran had been unpublished by Facebook for hate speech.


This was hours after Dia had posted a link to her latest YouTube livestream with Flawless Kay, a West African YouTuber who left Neil Erikson a number of angry phone messages over his filming of African youths at St Kilda Beach, which was the catalyst for the meeting.

The livestream featured Erikson calling in halfway through to get into another verbal argument with Kay where Erikson told her if she didn’t like it here she should ‘go back to Africa’. The video is no longer on YouTube but is now exclusively on Dia’s BitChute channel.

Social media censorship of right-wing and conservative voices has been increasing over the past 6 months with Alex Jones’ InfoWars and the Proud Boys being the two biggest groups to find themselves being completely deplatformed from all the major social media platforms.

Social media deplatforming can occur to anyone at any moment for any unknown reason without due process. So far those pages and accounts that supported the St Kilda Meeting that are still active a week after appear to safe for now. But this could not be the case if patriot activist dare decide to engage in further activism that the left and the media do not approve of.

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