Malcolm Turnbull Channels His Inner Feminist


Malcolm Turnbull took time out of his attempt at solving the very serious problems our nation faces so that he can do what he loves doing the most: rubbing shoulders with Australia’s cultural elite. Yesterday he launched the book of Australia’s most famous mummy blogger and feminist-in-chief Mia Freedman’s Work Strife Balance.

The less you know about this book the better but it is basically a massive whinge about how horrible it is being a modern woman. Of course, Mia Freedman, the woman who can afford to buy a $12 million mansion is the perfect voice of the everyday woman and the struggles they face.

Her feminist website Mamamia has offered us some gems over the years such as should men be left alone with children (because they are all pedophiles). Some great parenting advice such as wanting to be best friends with your children (which child psychologists will tell you not to do). Not to mention their endless coverage of inane events such as latest developments on the TV show The Bachelor and of course more recently about alleged Australian drug mule Cassie Sainsbury.

Despite the fact that Mia Freedman was a glowing admirer of unpopular Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull was only too happy to give his voice of approval to Mia Freedman’s book. Interesting that he chose this book out of all the most recent publications to launch. I don’t remember him launching the late Bill Leak’s book dedicated to free speech called Triggered! That would be a launch more befitting of a Liberal Prime Minister.

But what came out of Malcolm Turnbull’s mouth at that launch was something to behold. He claimed that it was feminism and equality that had formed the basis of his 40-year marriage to his wife Lucy. His favourite passages of the book were ‘Seek out men who love women, who identify as feminists. Who aren’t afraid of a woman’s strength or beauty or power’ and ‘Feminism does not exclude men – hell no! – we need all the soldiers in this fight for equality’. He also heaped praise of Mia Freedman and Mamamia using his favourite buzzwords “agility and innovation” to describe her new media venture.

Modern feminism as we have come to discover is not simply about gender equality, but has become about man hating, claiming that sexism is in everything and conspiracy theories about the secretive patriarchy controlling everything. You only need one look at the reaction of feminists to the men right’s movie, ‘The Red Pill’, which sought to highlight men’s human rights issues, to see how anti-male they have become and do not want equality between the sexes. Or just look at the behaviour of Clementine Ford berating teenage boys for daring to ask questions about some of her claims. The examples are endless.

But the right side of politics dare not question the feminists claims or denounce its toxic influence. Turnbull is not the first Liberal Prime Minister to attempt to placate the rabid feminist lobby. It stems we need to look back to Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership when he was berated by all the feminist claims he was a misogynist simply because he held socially conservative views and that maybe men and women were different and had different roles in society. Abbott in the end even had to declare himself a feminist.

If you want politicians who dare question the feminist narrative you have to look to the minor parties and Senators such as Pauline Hanson and David Leyonhjelm. Both of them have been brave enough to counter some of the hysteria feminists have been spreading about the prevalence of domestic violence and that all men could in an instant become wife beaters.

So Malcolm Turnbull launching Mia Freedman’s book is not just a case of Malcolm being his leftie self, but a sign yet again that the Liberal Party is too cowardly to take on some of the key battles in the culture wars. These are the issues which are threatening both our freedom, free speech and of course take a heap of our taxes to fund leftist programs. Once again, our leaders need to start listening to ordinary people stop believing that people such as Mia Freedman are the voice of the nation.

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