Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Easter Sunday Attacks


An IS group has just claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday attacks in
Sri Lanka. This claim is hard to swallow as the group has been punished by the Trump administration, losing all of its territories in recent months.

This comes right after the reports that Islamic extremists carried out Sunday’s coordinated attacks in retaliation for a March attack on two mosques in New Zealand, said Ruwan Wijewardana, the Sri Lankan State Defense Minister.

On March 20 2019, US President Donald Trump confirmed to the world that ISIS was defeated. He said on the issue:

“When I took it over, it was a mess,” Trump said, pointing at the map. Today “there is no red. In fact, there’s actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight.”

Trump Beats ISIS

The Decline of ISIS

  • 2015- Militants in Paris attack a satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.
  • Militants in Libya beheaded Christians and pledge allegiance to ISIS, followed by groups in other countries, but they stay operationally independent.
  • 2016- Kurdish troops gradually consolidated their hold on the areas of northern Syria along the Turkish border.
  • Government forces also slowly regained lost territory in Iraq, retaking key cities including Al-Ramādī in December 2015 and Al-Fallūjah in July 2016.
  • 2017 – ISIS suffers a year of catastrophic defeats.
  • 2018 – The Syrian government retakes ISIS enclaves
  • 2019- By March 2018, 98 percent of the territory once controlled by ISIL in Iraq and Syria had been recovered. Nonetheless, pockets remained in both countries, and continued instability left the threat of resurgence open.

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