Is Marcia Langton Still A Marxist? Why Hasn’t Anyone Asked?

Marcia Langton used to be a leader in multiple Marxist groups yet now she gets invited to advise government on Aboriginal policy. Is she still a Marxist?

Is Marcia Langton a Marxist? Well she certainly used to be.

Marcia Langton is a very prominent Aboriginal activist and academic. So prominent in fact that when the Liberal Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt was creating his senior advisory group to design an “Indigenous Voice” to Government he made Marcia Langton co-chair.

Which is interesting since Marcia started her political career as a hard core Communist and has never disavowed her previous views. She wasn’t simply a naïve young activist either. Langton was a member of the National Committee of the Communist League (CL), a Trotskyist group that campaigned for the violent overthrow of the Australian government and the implementation of a totalitarian socialist state.

Ken Wyatt appointed Marcia Langton
Ken Wyatt appointed Marcia Langton, a “former” communist leader, to his senior advisory group to design an “Indigenous Voice” to Government. Why hasnt he been fired?

The Communist League was founded by Marxist fanatic John McCarthy. McCarthy had been radicalised as a teenager and had travelled to Cuba at the age of 19. Greatly impressed by the Castro dictatorship he moved to the U.K where he joined the International Marxist Group (IMG) the British Section of the Trotskyist Fourth International (FI). On his return to Australia he started his own group in Brisbane called the Labor Action Group (LAG). The LAG entered talks to join their fellow FI followers based in Sydney who went by the title of the Socialist Worker’s League. The unity lasted from January 1972 to August 1972 when the group split over whether Trotskyists should follow Che Guevara’s example and run off into the bush to engage in guerrilla warfare against the government.

The former LAG members decided to form the “Communist League” and held their inaugural conference over the Australia Day weekend in 1973. McCarthy’s new party attracted both independent extremist activists and splitters from other groups. One of those attracted was the young aboriginal communist Marcia Langton.

Langton was described by the Trotskyist Newspaper Direct Action as one of the best known black Marxist activists in Australia. She was an organiser in the anti-Vietnam war and land rights movements, an editor of the Aboriginal newspaper Koori-Bina, a member of the Black Women’s Action Group and a director of the taxpayer funded Aboriginal Medical Service and Aboriginal Housing Service. Those last two would have been very helpful to a Trotskyist group, which typically tries to use positions inside institutions to fund their activism and find recruits.

Marcia Langton
Marcia Langton in 1977 when she was still loud, open and proud about her Trotskyist beliefs.

While having a promising start the Communist league remained a smaller cousin to the larger Socialist Worker’s Party and in late 1976 Langton along with McCarthy and their fellow National Committee member Peter Robb negotiated a merger or “fusion” with the SWP. In exchange for jumping ship the Communist League leaders were gifted positions on the larger groups’ National and Political committees.

Why does this matter? Because Langton has never disavowed her extremist beliefs. She has never been confronted by anyone over the fact that she began her political career convinced that Australia needed a violent revolution to overthrow the government. Instead the establishment has showered her with gifts, grants, awards and praise. And now a minister in a supposedly conservative government has given her a position of power in deciding how members of her racial group should have a privileged undemocratic influence over the parliament she once worked to violently overthrow. This is a woman who was so extreme in her Marxism that she was once the focus of an undercover ASIO operation.

It’s worth remembering that one of the core beliefs of Trotskyism is that Australia doesn’t deserve to exist as a country and should be destroyed. Langton’s fellow Trotskyist and academic Tom Bramble has declared that even just the sight of an Australian flag makes him want to puke. So is it relevant that the woman who has been tasked with “shaping a framework towards developing options for an Indigenous voice to all levels of government” might still believe that the government she has been tasked with advising should be annihilated? Damn right it is.

So why hasn’t anyone ever asked her?

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