Goodbye Yassmin, you will not be missed. London, brace yourself #PrayForLondon


The impossible was indeed made possible today. Disgraced television personality Yassmin Abdel-Magied has decided to end her residency in Australia, and with it, her taxpayer-funded ABC career. Yassmin revealed her decision to move to London on Twitter following the fallout from her irrational decision to mock Australia’s most sacred day. She will not be missed.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied proved herself to be quite the regressive during her career in Australia, including mocking ANZAC Day and having the nerve to claim that Islam is “the most feminist religion” in the world. Apart from glorying a religion that equates women with cattle, Magied’s continued berating of Australia’s national identity, culture and values ensured the restriction of her popularity to the likes of inner city progressives and leftists. She indeed was the female version of equally regressive Waleed Aly.

Of course, her biggest gem was the one she dropped on ABC’s Q&A while debating with Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie. After defending Sharia Law, which apparently directs Muslims to follow the law of the land, she described Islam to be “the most feminist religion”. This is despite the vile human rights record Islam holds, such as the stoning of women for committing adultery and the killing of homosexuals. This is in addition to the status afforded to women as half that of a man. These are hardly in line with feminism.

When looking back at Yassmin’s regressive career, one must not forget her mockery of ANZAC Day through her tweet referring to “Manus, Nauru, Syria and Palestine”. This completely unjustified and out-of-touch insult only made clear her inability to assimilate into and appreciate the land that gave her a safe and prosperous lifestyle.

She was indifferent and ungrateful towards the Australian soldiers who allowed this country to be the prosperous nation that continues to attract migrants for its quality of life. It was this that turned her comedic appearance into a full blown anti-Australian animosity that revealed to most Australians her hidden dark side.

This was followed by the ABC axing her Australia Wide program. Despite insisting that her ANZAC Day tweet had nothing to do with the decision (further making clear the ABC’s indifference towards our history), this decision came as good news to all those aware of Yassmin’s regressive tendencies. However, Yassmin continued to be employed in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the auspices of Julie Bishop.

The fact that she retained her position in a government institution despite her disgraceful comments shows that she is no victim. On the contrary, the contemporary political trend towards emphasising diversity makes her a privileged member of Australian society. Speaking of diversity, let us not forget how she claimed that a lack of diversity resulted in oil spills, as she is under the impression that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill could’ve been avoided had the company’s management been more diverse.

Yassmin’s penchant to flaunt her ignorance reached a climax when she accused the Australian parliamentary system of failing to represent anyone. Her assessment was based on a photo of the House of Representatives, about which she stated “It doesn’t represent anyone”. This is despite the fact that Australian MPs are voted to Parliament by the Australian people, and represent a variety of ideologies ranging from socialism to national conservatism.

She was obviously implying her opposition at the presence of White people in the Lower House. It may not have occurred to her, but this country has a majority White population, and if she doesn’t like that, she should move to her homeland.

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz rightly criticised her comments by making obvious the stupidity and insencereity evident in her claims. Eric Abetz recommended that Yassmin move to an Arab dictatorship if she so insists that our system of government is flawed. Despite providing her with a prosperous lifestyle and a safe environment, and providing her with the free speech to criticise whomever she liked, Yassmin chose to make a superficial judgement about her host country based on a photograph. She also responded to Eric Abetz’s comments by using free speech to her own advantage.

These comments, however, are rendered unsurprising considering her concerning links with terrorism. Her friendliness towards Islamic extremist group Hizb ul-Tahrir was on full show on her Facebook page where she openly sought advice from the organisation’s spokesman. The fact that an ABC-employed taxpayer-funded woman sought advice from an extremist organisation should ring alarm bells for the ordinary Australian.

Ultimately, Eric’s recommendations may have paid off, yet she seems to be moving, not to an Arab dictatorship, but to another country with representative democracy. The United Kingdom that already has its fair share of problems with Muslims. Ranging from a terrorist-sympathising Islamic Mayor, to frequent terrorist attacks committed in the name of Islam, the United Kingdom is unfortunate to receive yet another regressive Muslim intent to destroy the cultural foundations of the Western world. Oh what havoc she will wreak in the heartland of the Anglosphere, I wander.

This decision by Yassmin has given us hope, and it is our wish that more Islamic regressives will leave this country. We do not regret criticising, on the contrary, her behaviour has only made clearer the fact that Islam poses a threat to our values, culture and heritage. We wish the United Kingdom the best of luck as it prepares to endure another Islamic regressive on a mission to waste the time of an entire country.


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