Australian Greens Victoria- Where did your “understanding_islam” website page go?


The Australian Greens Victoria has a lot to answer for. We are closing in on a federal election, and the content on their “understanding_islam” page cannot be found. This must be addressed. There must be an explanation and it’s our job as press working with the public like you to find out the answer.


Imagine that. Last night we learned that Labor had done a shifty with their website. We reported that The Australian Newspaper said:

Labor previously had almost 100 paragraphs posted on its housing policy, including charts and diagrams explaining the negative gearing and capital gains wind back, but this was reduced to just 10 paragraphs yesterday.”

Today we learn that The Australian Greens Victoria has removed, not updated or have no policy or facts or anything for that matter on their page “understanding_islam”. We want to give the Greens the benefit of the doubt here. This might be an honest mistake. So let’s push them to correct it.

This might be an honest mistake. But considering it’s our job to report on these things, we should all find it disturbing when a huge part of the Australian Greens platform is about understanding and respecting Islam, you would logically think their perspective on something which is so dear to their hearts would be easy to access.

Don’t forget as well that we are at such a critical time in history. Living in a post-Christchurch world, these things matter to both the right and the left.


So come on Australia, don’t get abusive, don’t shout, don’t swear. Just ask them very nicely but give them a call. Ask them where the page has gone because you would like to read it. Ask them to put it back up or issue a statement about the whereabouts of the page. Don’t let them get away with this so close to a Federal Election. Do your bit for the national good.

Contact Info (information available on the website):


Victorian Greens Parliamentary Offices

Samantha Ratnam – MLC for Northern
Metropolitan and State Party Leader

Portfolios: Planning, Housing,
Gambling, Disability, Veterans, Agriculture, Regional Development
Suite G01, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton, VIC 3053
(03) 9348 2622

Richard Di Natale – Victorian Senator and leader of the
Australian Greens Level 14, 90 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 (03) 9660 6440

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