In the latest high profile purge of a right wing activist from Facebook, Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has been removed from the platform, along with its sister platform Instagram.

Having had over 1 million followers, Stephen has enough clout in the UK to be able to muster over eight thousand working-class Brits into the streets for the launch of his expose documentary on the BBC.

In what some may consider a sign that the establishment is concerned about grassroots resistance to the elite globalist agenda, Facebook has banned Tommy Robinson. This puts him among a growing list of other anti-establishment pariahs such as Alex Jones’ Infowars, Owen Shroyer, The Proudboys, Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson and many others.

Facebook’s decision to completely remove the Tommy Robinson page was due to “Dehumanizing language” and “inciting violence against Muslims”, going on to add “this is not a decision we take lightly, but individuals and organisations that attack others on the basis of who they are have no place on Facebook or Instagram”.

Tommy was last year jailed for contempt of court for livestreaming outside the court hearing of what he dubbed “Muslim Rape Gangs” and the media referred to as “Asian Rape Gangs”.

Whether there is a chance to appeal the decision remains to be seen.

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