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On the show recently we have been promoting the Australian tour of internet television personality and founder of the Proud Boys Gavin McInnes. He joins an impressive line up of right of centre personalities who have been touring Australia this year. In the lead up to his tour this November Gavin was kind enough to join us from his CRTV studio for today’s episode.

Gavin explains his journey from creating Vice to being one of the Internet’s most prominent right wing voices on Compound Media, Rebel Media and now CRTV. He reflects on his recent social media deplatforming and where he sees this development going. After Gavin breaks for a fart we turn to his Australian tour and what his expectations of the nation are how he plans to tackle the nation’s left both in the media and on the streets.

We discuss the founding of the Proud Boys which Gavin describes as men just doing what they are traditionally good at which is fraternity and learning to be good husbands and fathers, he explains that preparing for violence is necessary due to left-wing terror groups such as Antifa. Gavin spells out why he rejects the alt-right stating that you don’t need to be white to be a good citizen of the west. We finish with how to keep the west the best and protect it from the outside and from within.

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