Two Oil Tankers Attacked! Iran Suspected


As tensions flare between the US and Iran, two oil tankers were hit by a “sabotage attack” off the United Arab Emirates, it was announced this morning.

“Four commercial, civilian trading vessels of various nationalities this morning suffered acts of sabotage,”… “Subjecting commercial vessels to sabotage operations and threatening the lives of their crew is considered a dangerous development” off the UAE’s eastern coast, the foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the state-run WAM news agency.

One of the two vessels was on its way to be loaded with Saudi crude oil from the port of Ras Tanura, to be delivered to state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco’s customers in the United States, Mr Falih said in a statement carried by state news agency SPA.

The statement said the ships were near the country’s territorial waters in the Gulf of Oman, east of the port of Fujairah.

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