‘Another wave of attacks’ by ‘persons dressed in military uniforms’- Following Face Covering Ban Sri Lankan Authorities Warn


According to a report seen by Reuters, Sri Lankan authorities anticipate a new wave of attacks in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan security officials have warned that the two major Islamist militant groups, National Thawheedh Jamaath (NTJ) and Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim, which were primarily responsible for Easter Sunday bombings are planning new waves of attacks.

“There could be another wave of attacks,” the head of the police’s ministerial security division said in a letter to politicians, senior police and security forces officials.

“The relevant information further notes that persons dressed in military uniforms and using a van could be involved in the attacks.”

Security in Sri Lanka has increased dramatically, with scores of suspected Islamist’s arrested since the April 21ST Easter Sunday Attacks that left more than 250 people dead, including 40 foreign nationals.

The Muslim community is up in arms over an emergency law which has banned all face coverings which may conceal a person’s identity including, but not limited to, niqabs and burqas, as authorities continue to investigate the bombing attacks.

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