The fear of thermonuclear annihilation may leave many Millenials scratching their heads, however, if you are a Gen-Xer and worth your salt,  then you’ll remember that “The Big One” dominated almost everyone’s top five “Real-World Terror” lists.

It was the early 80s and children still performed drills in school, just in case the Russky’s decided to “Drop the bomb”.

When I was a young boy, living on the outskirts of Seattle, our annual family vacation was interrupted by an Earth-shaking detonation, or so it seemed. For a brief moment, we froze, wide-eyed and petrified, fearing the worst I temporarily lost sensation throughout each of my trembling limbs.

After what seemed like a lifetime, fellow campers informed us that the explosion was Mt St. Helen’s erupting and although we were several hundred miles away, the tremendous concussion felt extremely close.

Over the subsequent decades, America’s overwhelming angst regarding WW3 and the “Big One” was lessened by what is referred to as “ Mutually Assured Destruction”, meaning every county involved in a nuclear volley would be reduced to radioactive dust.

Imagine if after dinner tonight, while you’re comfortably relaxing with the family, you decide to take a break from the depressing coverage of the dreary nightly new’s and opt for some unadulterated comical entertainment. Naturally, you tune in to something like Donny Lemon show over at CNN.

Suddenly, the broadcast is interrupted and you’re informed to take shelter,  in just seven minutes ICBM’s from Russia will be raining down.

The flamboyant host Don Lemon would have instantly sashayed beneath his desk, providing Chris Cuomo would scotch over and make room.

 Even the most collected of men might dampen his trousers, it’s an interesting scenario: What would you do with only seven minutes left on Earth?

An all-out nuclear world war would leave no victors, so imagine this, a formidable adversary unleashes a noxious virus and instead of several megaton warheads, they launch infected civilians throughout the world, the Western World, via air-travel.

The enemy state then colludes with the World Health Organization and lulls the West into believing that the virus can’t be spread human to human, this encourages foreign countries to unwittingly welcome their little infected Asian friends.

Effectively targeting the United States of America and by infecting the remaining Western powers’ with a weapon-grade pandemic, they are intending to neutralize our allies and ground our mighty economy.

Unfortunately for the US, the enemy controls over 90% of our antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals… Does any of this sound familiar?

Was China’s Coronavirus intended to have been more catastrophic? Or is this merely the beginning of a sinister plot to destroy the West? World War 3 Called, “It’s On!”

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, news website dedicated preserving European heritage.

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