WSJ Hitpiece Targets YouTubers, Prompting Refund of Funds Raised for Childhood Cancer Research


First they came for Alex Jones. Then they came after the Proud Boys. Now, they’re going after YouTube content creators raising money for children’s cancer treatment because of some unsavoury comments made in their livestream. Real classy.

YouTube channel ‘Killstream’ had been in the sights of censors due to hosting right wing guests and discussing verboten topics. These horrible bad bad not good Nazi bastards used their channel to raise $26,000 for St Jude’s Hospital, a research hospital focused on curing children’s diseases. The Wall Street Journal, whose reporter Jared Holt was responsible for having Alex Jones’ Infowars deplatformed has used their clout to attack Killstream.

WSJ reporter Yoree Koh, who’s twitter account has since been made private sent this request for comment over the comments left on their Superstream such as “One time I also dated a Jew. In Dachau. With a Geiger counter. 148 gang gang” “If you want to know if the synagogue shooting was a false flag check out the Lucky Larry life insurance policies on those dead Jews”

The channel, having been targeted for abuse of the Superstream feature whereby users pay to pin offensive messages to the top and then report the channel, decided to fight back by hosting a fundraiser. The WSJ consequently brought attention to the comments which prompted YouTube to delete the channel and refund the funds raised.

When the obsessive suppression of ‘Alt-right’ content creators goes so far as to prevent fundraising for good causes it really makes you wonder who the ‘good guys’ really are.

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