In what could be the latest “oops” moment in his controversial presidency, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte went on a profanity-laced tirade against European Union (EU) ambassadors for meddling on his war on drugs during the launching of Malacanang Palace’s new press briefing room.

“And they threatened us and said that they will have us expelled from the UN. My God, do it stupid! Do it now!”

Duterte then challenged the EU ambassadors to leave the country within 24 hours.

It turns out, the root of Duterte’s rant was a statement issued by the International Delegates of Progressive Alliance which visited the Philippines last October 8-9. The group widely criticized Duterte’s controversial war on drugs which has claimed the lives of more than 13,000 suspected drug addicts including minors.

In response, the EU released a statement clarifying its position and distancing itself from the group:

“The recent visit of the delegation of the International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance to the Philippines on 8-9 October was not a European Union mission as falsely reported by some media outlets.

The European Union was not part of the organization or planning of that visit – neither the Delegation of the European Union in the Philippines nor the European Union Institutions in Brussels.

The statements made by the Progressive Alliance during its visit to the Philippines were made solely on behalf of the Progressive Alliance and do not represent the position of the European Union.”

In addition to his verbal assault on the EU ambassadors, Duterte also revealed allegations that the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was funding one of his administration’s biggest critics, the online news website, Rappler.

Rappler has maintained and produced evidence to the contrary that it is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation.

But the fiery President did not stop there.

Duterte also shared information that the United States had a plan to have him assassinated as far back as 2016.

Since he assumed office in 2016, Duterte has shifted the country’s alliance away from globalist proponents United States and Europe and toward China and Russia.

It is no secret that Duterte has ties to the Communist Left of the Philippines. During his presidential campaign, he expressed an idea of putting communists in his Cabinet.

Duterte has even encouraged his political party the PDP-Laban to learn Communist ideology from China.

He is fond of his relationships with Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Joma Sison and Moro National Liberation Font (MNLF) founder Nur Misuari.

Sison is currently exiled to the Netherlands.

Duterte was elected President when he received the mandate of 16 Million Filipinos. However, the honeymoon appears to be over.

With the rising death count in the war on drugs; many suspected to be extra-judicial killings, fears of Martial Law, inaction on China’s takeover of disputed islands despite the Philippines getting favourable ruling from the UN and the recent pull out of several foreign businesses, Duterte’s approval rating dropped sharply in the most recent poll.

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the Philippines in November. Although both leaders have expressed mutual admiration, it remains to be seen what Trump’s position would be regarding China’s occupation of the disputed islands.

The Spratly Islands in the Western Philippine Sea is a strategic pathway for trade and military operations. With the threat of war with North Korea looming, the United States would surely want the islands away from the hands of Pyongyang’s allies.

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